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A Virtuous Woman, Who can find Her?

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A virtuous woman is gentle, kind, tolerance, honest and of integrity. Many talk about her, Many admire her, she's just like a star shinning in the world for people to see. The goodness in her exudes all characters. The joy of her love is strong, and happiness it will bring. She works with her hands and takes good care of her home. She comforts her husband when he is feeling alone.

She teaches her children and trains them very well. She does not allow them to depart from the truth because she has them in her heart and wishes to inculcate it in the hearts of people around her.

There is so much to be said about a virtuous woman but not enough time to tell. Proverb 18 and 22 said;

Who ever finds a wife, Which is a woman, Has found a good thing and obtains Favour from the Lord; They will remain together till death do them part. A virtuous woman is not slothful in business, and serving the Lord is all she desires in her heart.

Evil thoughts will never be found in her mind, Or even in her heart. Her husband trusts her, everybody around her admires her. Decency is the word she speaks. Her man? He will never let her go No matter what you say. She dresses accordingly to make her husband proud. She speaks with a gentle voice, not very loud.

She is always doing things to get her husband's praise, sometimes just watching her will keep him so amazed. A virtuous woman is strong and worth more than Rubies itself, and when her family hurts, she hurts more herself. She is concerned about people's feelings. A woman shall be praised If she is a woman that fears the Lord.

A virtuous woman qualifies with mind, spirit, soul, and heart. Talking about this woman, does she exist in this nation?

This is something every girl needs to answer.

How virtuous are you?

Can you be trusted with little things?

How often do you support evil?

How often do you mislead people?

How often do you gossip about others?

Are you a thing of gladness and joy to people around you?

If one conducts self examination and can give positive answers to this, only then will we know that she has the qualities of a virtuous woman.