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The Power of Appreciation is Priceless

Appreciation is the act of giving something or someone their proper value and everyone has a value. Value in a relationship is important because it lets a person know where they stand, and what they mean to you; appreciation is a way of letting that person know these things. When someone is dedicated to a relationship and they don’t know how valuable they are to that partnership, it changes how they feel or function, and how they operate in that union.

When a person believes that you don’t value them they tend to devalue the relationship they are in. But apart from appreciating someone you are in a relationship with, there are others that need to be appreciated in our lives. You know Sometimes, we have people that we need to say thank you to, but don't know how to.

Learning how to appreciate others will help us live a better life. It shows how much we value people and this goes a long way in making them feel better and even go the extra mile to make us happy. It benefits nothing to be an ingrate. It doesn't really pay, it will only earn us the worst kinds of attitudes from our peers, friends, family and loved ones.

This is how to show appreciation;

1. Start by appreciating the world around you, take a few moments in each day and look at the things around you, smile at them and imagine what the world will look like without them. If you are a married man, look at your wife, smile at your kids, play with them, just imagine what the world will be without those precious gifts surrounding you, appreciate nature and be thankful for their existence.

Tell a friend how much you appreciate them in your life. Do not underestimate their positive impact in your life. Good friends are very precious and very hard to come by. Don't think you can have anybody at your beck and call, it doesn't work that way, there are good people and the bad news here is that they are very few.

And so, if you were opportuned to have one of the good ones, appreciate him/her, not appreciating their presence in our lives is a very mean attitude and may cost you such a rare gem.

2. Learn to verbalize your appreciation, appreciate yourself, at the end of each day, ask yourself;

  • "What can I truly be proud of today?
  • What was that stressful work that drained your strength?

Appreciate yourself and be happy that you actually achieved something that day. Appreciate the kind gestures of others towards you, make them realise their efforts or contributions in your life is wholly appreciated, don't neglect those little things they did thinking it doesn't matter, they really do. Just be grateful no matter how small.

After reading this, I would want you to appreciate people who have made you smile at some point in your life, those who had inspired and motivated you, who stood by you in your trying and worse moments of your life.

Who are they? Be specific.

Let the universe know who they are and how they made impact in your life. Be proud and say thank you to those special people.

And to you who just read my post, I really appreciate your coming to my website to read this piece.

I would appreciate your heartfelt comments concerning this appreciation post.

Thank you and God bless you