Fervent & Persistent Personal Prayers is a Key to Success

Are you tired of praying and suddenly want to stop? Are you losing hope because you have prayed too much and your situation still hasn't changed? How long have you prayed about that stubborn situation that's making you have double mind towards continuous prayers? Do you remember the consistency of the woman in Luke 18:1-8?

Or was it not through fervent prayers that Hannah who was childless for years got pregnant and gave birth to Samuel? Do you believe that nothing is impossible for God to do? Luke 1 : 37. The doctors had already given up hope on Sister Caterina Capitani, a young reverend sister in the congregation of the Daughters of Love.

They told her family and congregation that it was a miracle she was still alive but that all hope was lost because she would not survive. Sister Caterina was suffering from multiple stomach ulcer. Her stomach was cut open a number of times through operations but her condition got worse by the day, she lost so much weight, she felt terrible pains, she constantly vomitted blood in torrents, she ate only liquid food through a pipe and the wounds from the operation on her stomach refused to heal such that, when she eats, the food she ate, would gush forth from her open stomach. She was transferred from one hospital to another but there was no change, the situation only kept worsening.

Even though everyone, her fellow sisters, family and friends were all praying for her recovery, her situation seemed hopeless.

Sister Caterina said: "One day, a sister gave me the picture of Pope John XXIII, and together with the sisters, I started novena prayers to God through John XXIII's intercession. I placed his picture close to the wound on my stomach. I prayed constantly but yet I resigned myself to the will of God. Then one afternoon, around 2pm, I was lying down alone in the hospital room and was thinking of how my life was slowly passing away . Then suddenly, I heard a gentle male voice call me by my name;

"Sister Caterina". I thought it was the doctor but when I turned and looked by my side, I saw Pope John XXIII standing by the side of my bed. He was wearing a pontificial robe that was not white. He touched my hand gently and said to me;

"You have prayed a lot and many other people have prayed too. You drew this miracle from my heart. Today, God has answered your prayers . You are no longer ill, you are healthy. That wound on your stomach is no longer there. It has been so long since you were able to eat, so call the sisters to bring food for you. The doctors will examine you, but they will no longer find anything, I want you to write everything about this experience and the testimony and give it to your superiors, because it will be useful later. Know that you suffered so that your salvation will come true. Come to Rome and pray on my grave, I am waiting for you".

The vision ended.

That afternoon, Sister Caterina who had not stood up or sat down for months was walking around; she ate normally with a great appetite and the wound on her stomach had instantly healed and totally disappeared.  No one could explain what or how it happened. The doctors could not give any medical or scientific explanation for the whole thing. Everyone was dumbfounded and praised God.

Now, from the story of sister Catherina, she prayed fervently, she continued praying even to the extent of starting a novena which was an intercessory prayer wrote by pope John XXIII. She never allowed her worsening situation to discourage her. She prayed earnestly and one day God heard and answered her.

She received her healing instantly. What would have happened to Sister Catherina had it been she gave up praying?

So many times in life, we are faced with trials and ugly situations that weaken even our spiritual life. As Christians, this is not supposed to be. We have to continually call unto God for his divine grace and help. Truly, If not for God and the little prayers we mutter everyday, some pray once in a week, others every two days or not at all, worst things could have happened to us.

It's just his grace that's sufficient for our survival. Let us learn to pray, have faith and be persistent in praying to God, do not allow any multi-faced ugly situation make you weak. Pray earnestly and wait patiently for God.

If I have ever learnt anything from my life experiences alone, I will tell you that God is the only person that will never fail you and he is never late. Just pray and trust in him and watch everything fall into place for you



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