Redirect Your Perception About Life and Living

It takes practice and commitment to change your focus from the negative to the positive. Pay attention to your thoughts, awareness of what you are thinking and feeling, if you were trying to lose weight, you would pay attention to what you eat right? You will want to apply the same care with your thoughts. Don't eat junk if you want to lose weight and don't think junk if you want positive changes in your life.

Always expect the best out of life, appreciate beauty, stay in the moment and thank the universe for its numerous blessings. We all know the story of Jabez. The famous prayer of Jabez, where Jabez prayed for prosperity is a model experiment I think we can benefit from. "And Jabez called upon the God of Israel saying "Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me and that you would keep me from evil, that I might not cause pain', so God granted him what he requested for '1 Chronicles 4:10.

Jabez was absolutely sure that God would give him what he asked. He asked in faith and confidence. His thoughts were on positive things happening in his life. He wasn't pessimistic about his situaton.

How many times should we let our self doubt to cripple us? So many sales people go out each day without a real plan of action as to the people that will buy their wares but they simply hope for the best, some of them are even doomed before they start. But with a positive mindset, they still excel and get things done properly.

So if we tend to get exactly what we pray for, then we need to be vigilant and thoughtful about what is happening in our heads, don't be a victim of what Zig Ziglar called "stinking thinking".

  • Do you expect the best each day or do you simply go with the flow?
  • Do you expect to close each day's sale with positive results or you just want to flow with the activity and fear that the worst might happen?
  • Are you actively working a daily plan to achieve your goals or are you simply wandering around hoping to make your quota?

Customers can sense your desparation, they know what you are all about. So expect the best and get it. POSITIVE expectancy yields confidence. I believe beyond a shadow of doubt that Jabez proceeded out immediately. He did not wish to waste any time, he knows that each minute matters. He went on his way with absolute positive mindset and confidence. He was expectant too, hoping for the best, he knew he was unstoppable.

He believed in himself, he expected success on sales call.

  • Do you think that Jabez awakened each morning, reviewed his plan for the day and headed out expectantly? Bet he did.
  • Was he successful? He certainly was.

Positive expectancy is a necessary attitude.

Would you go to a bank seeking a new home loan and ask the mortgage loan officer" I need a loan but I know you won't find me qualified for it?

That's ridiculous! and  so avoid jitters towards having any negative thoughts when trying out anything.

Expect the best, really expect the best. This attitude will surely yield positive results , less stress, more fun and more success.



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