What is Substance? Substance is defined as the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible and solid presence. A woman of great substance then means a woman who has the best qualities and imbibes the most amazing characters that makes them outstanding, (standing out amongst others) (which refers to the solid presence as explained above). I call them determined and ever focused ladies who will do any good thing humanly possible to stand out from the crowd.

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They have vision, they have dreams, they are focused, they don't regard themselves as being weak, they are highly ambitious and ready to succeed not minding the situation. Most times the society refers to these women as being highly feminist but that's not really true. Someone that craves so much for success can't be solely regarded as a feminist as being feminist entails wanting equal rights with Men.

The woman I am talking about will still have time to build her home and not destroy it because she wants to be equal like her husband. Women have powers over anything they choose. The power of women cannot be underestimated unless it's a woman who is yet to discover her inherent potentials. A woman can make or marr a home, and what constitutes the society? Homes!

That was why God made nurturing of the male folks by women to begin from birth. Every woman is to realise that she is uniquely made and has creative abilities. She has to rise up and face life challenges, rising up from mediocrity to affect her world. Women possess the ability to impact the society but sadly enough, some women still think of themselves as wimps.

They still live in the myopic notion set by their ancestors that a woman's place should always be at home/kitchen. In today's world, women are no longer seen as weak vessels other than the ones who are yet to discover themselves and pursue their dreams and ambitions in life. Women no longer end their dreams in the kitchen.

The dynamic and ever evolving world has made it possible for many women to realise their potentials and rid the notion of women being too weak to achieve something great in life, or women being too dumb to do something meaningful with their God-given potentials. There are many women around the globe who still got out of their own way and are erroneously successful, the likes of;

  • Dr. Mrs. Okonjo Iweala who has been known for her numerous contributions to Nigerian economy, though she will get critics from areas where she lagged behind or have unprofitable endeavours, she already has her name written as one of the greatest women in Nigeria.
  • Or should I talk about Late Dr. Mrs Dora Akunyili, (bless her soul), the many lives she saved from fake drugs and unscrupulous acts carried by chemists and pharmacists in Nigeria, the impact she made on lives, the pace she set for NAFDAC will ever remain in people's memories. She was a great woman, she has been recognised because she never whimpered, she seized opportunities and became a great achiever.

What I am saying is this;

The society will be glad to have this woman/women that I am talking about. WOMEN OF GREAT SUBSTANCE, GREAT ACHIEVERS, GO-GETTERS. If you are a woman and you still haven't done something tangible that will set you apart from others, if you still believe you are weak and can't achieve anything, if you are the likes that stay at home doing nothing while waiting for your man to provide everything you need, then its high time you start carrying out a research on how to be productive as a sit at home mom. We now have so many millionaire stay at home moms, nothing can stop you, reach for the stars.

Like I said earlier on, the world has evolved, its only few people that still think primitively, that still haven't refined their thoughts and vision about life. Stand up and stand out from the crowd. Make impact on lives, become a woman of great substance, revolutionalise your thinking abilities and start doing something.

You can become the best hair dresser that everybody rushes to, to make their hairs. You can be the best seamstress known among others, you can be the best fashionista of your time. It all entails having that strong highly focused mind that will get you there. Stand up, stand out, become a woman of great substance.

Let the substance in you overpower other weak things that discourage you.