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Toyin Lawani

"If men can, why can't I" Toyin Lawani says

Toyin Lawani is questioning the doctrine that allows men to marry multiple wives but frowns at women doing same. She has now said she will marry 3 husbands when she turns 40 because if a man can do it then so can she. According to the serial entrepreneur, she will build houses for each of her husbands and there will be a main house where the men will meet her when it's their turn.

In a bid to defend feminity, she went on to tell men that the world is changing and women can now do what men can do but men can't do what women can. She used pregnancy as an example.    toyin lawani

Toyin Lawani is one multimillionaire in Nigeria. She is a popular fashion designer/stylist in Nigeria who runs “Tiannah’s Place Empire” as the creative director and CEO. Toyin Lawani is from a very rich and pretigious family in Ekiti state. Her late mum, who was into textile business, ran a beauty home until her death in the USA. Her father was the famous Olanrewaju Lawani, a politician who worked with General Gowon. Her paternal grandfather was a Commisioner of Police, while her maternal grandmother is still the Reagent of Ikole Ekiti in Ekiti state. Her mother groomed her in every sphere of the beauty business but her dad wanted her to be a lawyer. Toyin has a Bachelor’s degree in English language from the University of Lagos. The controversial actress is also known for her nudity in pictures via her sick media handles, an act she defended to be part of her market strategy. We wonder what next she would be speaking on.

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