Once upon a time, not too long ago,

oyibo gabrielaProfessor Gabriel Oyibo was just another hardworking African living in the United States of America trying to become a full time lecturer in a local polytechnic/University there. The story goes that he was denied tenure as a professor in the college.

What that means for those who don't know is that he was not made a permanent staff of the school after the probation period which is used by all universities to determine your value to the school as a permanent staff.

Oyibo sued the school for racial discrimination.

If Professor Oyibo had got that job, maybe I won't be here trying to make sense of everything that happened since then. And of course you won't be reading this fascinating, largely inadequate account of the man. But he didn't get the job. What happened next is a story so convoluted and so deviously crafted that making sense of the bits and pieces can be an exercise in futility.

And imagine trying to condense that sort of history into a single article without losing your way in the process?

These are some of the easily verifiable facts about him. He is a graduate of mathematics with a doctorate in an American higher institution. Let's not delve too deep into the credibility of the school or his dissertation. He has written a lot of academic works concerning his area of fame, 'The God Particle' or 'The Theory of Everything'. If that reminds you of Stephen Hawkins, author of 'A Brief History of Time' that is because both men actually are concerned about the existence of God.

But here is the thing about Oyibo.

If you bother to research any prestigious journal of mathematics or physics for a peer review of his works, you will find nothing. It’s strange because peer review is how important scientists cement their reputation as scholars and brilliant academics. Is it that Oyibo does not need validation from his peers to prove his brilliance? Maybe. Then why blow his trumpet as a four time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Mathematics for his ground breaking works if he does not need validation from mainstream organizations?

The GAGUT Theorem is his flagship breakthrough.

Meaning ‘God Almighty Grand Unified Theory’, this theory in its most basic form claims to have discovered the origin of the universe, and therefore God, through a simple mathematical equation. You see, what Oyibo is saying in effect is that he has the answers to all the important questions men have been asking since the beginning of time. Questions like, what is man's ultimate purpose on earth? Or how many galaxies are out there? You get the drift? That makes him the most intelligent man that ever lived. The closest living being to God. If you think these are outrageous statements, just head over to his website at geocites.com and get a free lesson on what ‘outrageous 2.0’ really looks like. The website is host to an Institute of Technology called OFFAPIT dedicated to propagating all things Oyibo and GAGUT.

If Oyibo is a fraud, what kind of fraud is he?

Hard to answer? Oyibo himself never hesitates to play the racial card anytime his claims are scrutinized by the scientific community. This works well because he has followers all over the world blaming the white western world of trying to undermine a black man for discovering the greatest mathematical equation of all time. When Oyibo came to Nigeria several years ago, he was given the sort of reception reserved only for very very important people. He was feted by the government. He toured several states in Nigeria, all on the bill of the federal government preaching the GAGUT gospel. He was given chieftaincy titles and lots of money I am sure. Our hunger for home grown heroes went a long way in perpetuating the Oyibo fraud in Nigeria. Yes, if you clear all the hype he built around himself, what remains is an Oyibo sized fraud.