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Olubowale Victor Akintimehin (born September 21, 1984), better known by his stage name Wale is an American rapper. His parents were both from Yoruba and reside in U.S.

He first rose to prominence in 2006, when his song "Dig Dug (Shake It)" became popular in his hometown. Wale became locally recognized and continued recording music for the regional audience. Producer Mark Ronson discovered Wale in 2006 and signed him to Allido Recordsin 2007.

While signed to that label, Wale released several mixtapes and appeared in national media including MTV and various Black-American-focused magazines. A song called "Ridin' in That Black Joint" was featured in the popular video game Saints Row 2's soundtrack in 2008. He does mainly hip-hop. In an interview with Flavorwire, Wale said that he incorporates elements of go-go in his music. Cyril Cordor of allmusic described go-go as "a more raw, percussion-driven offshoot of disco" that originated in the Washington, D. C. area. Wale's early singles that were played primarily in his local metropolitan area heavily sampled 1990s go-go records. 

Reviewing Attention Deficit, David Jeffries of allmusic remarked that Wale had a "post-Kanye, post-Lil Wayne, alternative-meets-hardcore style" and commented that Wale's single "Chillin'", which featured Lady Gaga, "crafts an instant floor-filler out of a sample from the 1969 hit 'Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye'". An avid professional wrestling fan, Wale has made several wrestling references on his songs. Wale took to his tweeter to announce his professionalism in music and how he cannot wait for his song b.g.m to be released. According to him, it is so far the most different song he has ever done. Interestingly, today marks the world’s women’s equality day, and the rapper Wale has decided to give a shout out to all the ladies around the world with his new single titled “BGM.” BGM which simply means Black Girl Magic sees the rapper appreciating every black woman around the world with his thoughtful lyrics.

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Date 2019-08-31
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The DMV rapper has been enjoying a lot of great achievements for himself lately and it was gathered that the rapper has already put a finish touch on his upcoming album which will be released later this year via Warner Bros. There is a lot more about this song that we would really talk about. Wale is hoping that someone like (u) I.e a woman will love him. (Oh queen would you hold my hand, would you show me your love). He refers to the black girl. The least he can do is to write a song to celebrate the black queen magic (B.G.M) babe. He is so proud of the black girl. There you have it, while Wizkid and co. celebrate brown skinned girls, Wale celebrates a black skinned girl.

So, enjoy and do the rest of the talking yourself as you dive into this melody.