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Naomi Peller You

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Naomi says its Soo good to be you, they can't ignore you. The eleven-year-old had initially indicated interest in towing the music line, joining her predecessors in the entertainment sphere. Peller has been showcasing her musical talent since the age of four. According to her father, owner of Acquila records, an entertainment mogul, “Naomi is starting her music journey at a very young age. I believe that investing in our children’s development from an early age is one of the most important contributions we can make.

Was it Plato that once said that “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education”. Peller is also a songwriter, it is interesting to know that she writes her songs singlehandedly. She said: “I wrote ‘Believe’ to encourage people to believe in themselves and have faith in whatever they do. The message in the song is summed up in my favourite slogan – If You Believe You Will Achieve,”. In a post, her father talked about her reason for venturing into music, saying, “Naomi believes the world can be a better place.

She sings her heart out about causes she truly believes in, about saving the neglected all over the world and about peace, love and respect for one another. With these songs, she hopes to raise awareness and encourage everyone to help those in need.” Though Naomi is still schooling but for her passion for singing, she matches her studio sessions so well with her studies. Shina Peller, the Owner of Quilox Night club in Lagos is proud of his adorable damsel and gushes about her as "the Aquila Princess". Naomi is trending, sassy and fabulous hoping to take the Nigerian music industry to greater heights from the scratch.

She is one kid celebrity that wants to inspire good music nationally and beyond. We hope to see more of her. "You" is a beautiful piece with lots of inspiration and motivation via the lyrics. Its here to encourage everyone out there. Indeed it's targeted to every human being. The truth there in is for one to be self confident and believe in whom he or she is and not try to be like some one else. And for those who think this is a difficult task, the young songstress says it's best to pray everyday to God and being hardworking also brings about high self esteem.

Hardwork brings fulfilment. Be proud of yourself, never back down, you are so beautiful, you are the best version of yourself. All that is in the song, it's just for you to download, listen to good music and get the message right!


Naomi Peller You

Date 2019-08-28
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