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[Watch Video] Vector - Oja (Drugs and Friends)

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A Dammycool visuals film presents Oja - (Drugs and friends), a song written by vector and produced by WAC people. The song is about drugs and it's abuse. The main focus according to the visuals is on teenagers and young adults. The rap story begins with a scene from the club featuring a group of friends helping another who appears to be hopelessly drunk but nothing much could be done because the overdose of drugs and alcohol had caused terrible disorder in his system making him behave like a lunatic.

To explain further, Vector went ahead to show the before story of when and how the young lad got to that miserable state. Judging from the appearance of his group of friends, it is easy to deduce that from the beginning the said subject of the story was keeping bad company and they let their youthful deliquencies get the best of them.

What a pity? Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, better known by his stage name Vector, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and philosopher. He has released three studio albums, including State of Surprise and The Second Coming (2012) In anticipation of his second studio album, he released a mixtape titled Bar Racks."Lafiaji" which was released in December, 2016. He also released a mixtape in October 2018, "The Rap Dialogue" in an effort to keep the spirit of Nigerian hip-hop alive. He belongs to GRAP Entertainment Limited, YSG Entertainment (former).

He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, philosopher and actor. The multiple award winning singer is good at what he knows how to do and this time it's not about dancehall jam, it is something educative, and informative. He says 'say no to drugs'. The singer also let's us know that we are fully responsible for our actions and whatever consequences it brings, we are liable to bear it. "Oja” is a marketplace where anyone is welcome to experience the buying and selling of ideas during the journey of self-discovery in life. We don’t have to be willing to take on the responsibilities that come with our actions.” Vector says.

Watch & Download “Vector – Oja (Drugs & friends)” below: