Philematophobia (The Extreme Fear of Kissing)

A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of a situation or an object. Philemaphobia or otherwise called Philematophobia is the extreme fear of kissing. Most people including myself love and enjoying kissing. in fact, kissing is an accepted and a standard form of greeting someone in some cultures and even showing one's love. Some people however, develop irrational fear of this act of kissing. While this phobia might not interfere with one's day to day life, it can certainly harm one's personal and social relationships or interactions.

Oftentimes, Philematophobia is associated with other phobias such as the fear of intimacy, fear of sexual intercourse or the fear of germs. The phobic could even be suffering from other anxiety disorders such as Agoraphobia or the fear of failing to escape. A kiss is a sweet moment, especially when it involves willing parties looking for sexual intimacy or those wanting to display feelings of love.

People might be fearful about not measuring up to their partner's expectations . However, things are quite different in Philematophobia, the phobia affects the person deeply enough that he/she cannot bear the mere thought of being kissed or kissing. Most times, seeing people kiss on TV or Movies could set off a disgust response or a full blown panic attack in the sufferer.


  • There are people who suffer from this because they are afraid of being emotionally entangled or sexually involved with the person they are kissing. A history of failed relationships can also lead to this.
  • People with excessive fear of germs, disease or illness could also find kissing repulsive enough to be disgusted or fearful about.
  • Often arises from cultural or religious beliefs (that the act is sinful.
  • Some cases may stem from a past sexual violence. Victims of rape, sexual abuse or assaults could be the reason behind this phobia.


  • Shallow and rapid breathing - hyper ventilating
  • The desire to flee from the place or hide
  • Irregular heartbeat or palpitations
  • Excessive sweating, dry mouth
  • Experiencing nausea or gastro-intestinal distress.

Naturally, these symptoms often get into the way of the phobic's relationship. One might have trouble dating or finding life partner. Often his/her friendship are affected as they get laughed at owing to their fear. The result is that the person tends to be withdrawn, lonely or even depressed.


  • To overcome this, one must determine its root cause. If it is the fear of germs or falling sick, one coukd educate his/herself about germs or try to improve immunity. Kissing can be a beautiful thing provided it's done with the right person.
  • Once can become more confident and a better kisser if they could try to prepare ahead by brushing one's teeth and paying attention to personal hygiene.
  • In extreme cases, medication might be prescribed but it must not be used as a long term solution since its side effects could be debilitating.



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