Every Woman is a Natural Nurse

The woman's nature is full of nurture. The woman was made naturally soft, tender, delicately attractive and very appealing to the eyes. For these reasons, Adam lost control of himself and grabbed Eve, cleaved to her without letting her go. He totally submitted himself to her tender care , motherly nurturing disposition to the point that he ate the forbidden fruit. Thus this aspect of woman's nature is quite invaluable. Show me a world void of woman and I will show you a world full of chaos.

To nurse is to nourish, develop or train. It involves godly affections. Considering all these precious provisions from a woman, she automatically becomes a life giver. Women are life givers as well as care givers. At conception the woman receives the semen which fertilises the ovum thus forming the foetus.

From this stage the woman's nursing nature starts working. She begins to give nurture to the foetus in the womb by feeding fine, taking some medications, avoiding certain things that will be harmful to the foetus, thus nurturing and training the unseen human being in her womb, all these activities and life giving activities makes a woman a life-giver.

At birth, a physical human being comes into existence and life begins physically. Everyone's first year of existence on earth begins with a woman. That soft gentle touch, tender loving care and affections is given to the child by the woman. This makes the child behave differently from a wild being. The society today is suffering from a level of wildness and chaos because most women and mothers are failing in their duties and responsibilities in training and inculcating a sense of responsibility in their children.

Many children have gone astray as a result of some mothers failing to duly nurture and train the child in the right way. Womanhood reaches its optimum fulfilment at mothering level. The act of mothering is so encompassing. It is beyond gestation and suckling. Conception, pre and post natal stages in a woman's life are the primary stages of mothering. But a woman who did not experience conception and pregnancy can still be a mother to many.

The state of being a mother Mother is the act of giving care, nurture and training to another. A woman can successfully conceive and have children and yet end up not becoming a mother to them. That is why some homes are not in peace and harmony today. As a woman, you have to be a nurse, not implying a medical nurse. No! Nurse in the sense that you have to allow the softer part of you override the bad part of you, you have to nurture and train your family.

Make your family not marr it. I have seen some homes broken apart because the woman of the house does is not interested in making her home. Nurturing and mothering are synonymous with the female, so wherever you find yourself, whether married or single, you should imbibe these characteristics in you. Not just your home but the society, look around you, there are children and even adults who need someone to care for them.

There are orphans and widows all around you, at varying capacities, they need a woman's nurture and motherly assistance. Endeavour to be generous in any way you can. There are lots of old people who are helpless, who need nurture and motherly attention, please don't hold back, don't be carried away by self-esteem and power of any kind. Open your heart to them. Show the society that you can turn around some situations with your affections and care.

Giving selflessly, extending love towards others, because the solution to the problems in the society will result from adequate and proper upbringing of the family. If the family is in peace, the society won't fear any mishap. Let's pull our power and make the world a better place. Remember, the power of a woman can never be underestimated.



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