Amaka - Hustle B (Music)

Music is Life and Living, be it Gospel, Oldschool, Secular, Reggae, you name it, there is this vibe that comes up when that melodious sound emanates from that speaker, it is heavenly yet, earthly depending on the kind of music. It is more like a taste of everything with no grapse on any particular thing. The feeling leaves you wanting for more, especially when such a sound has personally appealed to you.

As I leave you with "Amaka" by Hustle B, I want you to think about your favourite song, If possible play it once more from your mobile device or through any available medium within your reach, and reflect with a deeper sense of appreciation than you have ever felt before. Enjoy.








Duplex for Sale at Asaba, along Okpanam Road.
(Residential Real Estates / Duplexes)

Duplex for Sale at Asaba, along Okpanam Road.