Joy is the Secret To Wealth & Riches (Quote Me Anywhere)

I will not fail to tell you the truth and the truth is something that;

1. You would not want to hear,

2. May likely pull you out from that lucrative 9-5 job that is gradually turning you into a spendrift,

3. May make me your enemy because, you want to believe that I am not a realist and that with the oppressive demands on you, I should not be giving such a piece of advice.

Whatever your conclusions are about my post is accepted and duly noted, but, that will not change the truth from being what it is. To begin with, have you not noticed that anytime you put your hands to doing something profitable for yourself, it will seem like hell has been let loose on your case?

This is because, the devil does not want you to be a master of yourself, he wants you perpetually hooked on the idea that you must work for someone else and this is not true. Check around to see and count all the big names that you know, these set of persons are employers of labour and not employees themselves. Yes, nothing is wrong with starting out as an employee, but while at it you should have a backup plan. You know why?

No job will stay in your hands for that long, it is either they get someone younger to replace you or they will probably mechanize their systems and downsize and that leaves you out of a job for a while and you may probably not get one for a very long while. This is why you should start something and be good at it.

The reason it feels like every weapon from hell comes at you whenever you try to start something for yourself, is because there is dignity in labour and the only way to surmount the travails and challenges that will come at you, is to be joyful about what you have taken as your self employment. Anytime you try out a new business, be rest assured that the business is out to try you too.

And if you give up, it will only get worse when you try out another new businesses and before you realise it, people will start referring to you as someone who is lazy.

Succeeding in any business has alot to do with your passion for that business, if you feel inadequate and always worn out because of anxiety, then you are probably in the wrong line of business.

For you to succeed with that trade or business, you must learn to enjoy it. Whatever you accomodate while doing business multiplies and so the very first thing to work on is your mindset and your disposition towards that venture or trade. If you feel envious about rivals in your stock in trade, that envy will only grow and multiply till it destroys you.

If you feel joyful about what you do, it might still not be easy, but you will gradually discover that you are growing from one level to another and it will soon become obvious that there is a way to succeed with what you do.

Whatever it takes, don't give up.