How to Have A Great Day at Work

Start your day well dressed, well groomed & most of all, with a big smile.

Prepare, e.g. iron, your clothes the night before.

Shave, or get your make up right.

Days are better if people treat you better, and people treat you better if you look attractive, that you take good care of yourself. ARRIVE HALF AN OUR EARLY AND MAKE USE OF THE EXTRA HOUR It's not your bosses time after all.

Plan your day.

Read company procedure for what is expected of you (your job description) or learn a new skill. If you are a software project manager, you might want to read about accounting. If you work in retail, learn about how to fix the barcode computer when it goes wrong.

Be Mindful

Learn to be conscious of your own feelings. Be aware why you feel a certain way about certain work issues and colleagues. When you feel certain feelings, tell yourself why you feel that way. For example,

“I feel jealous because John received compliments.”

Then tell yourself, what is a better way to feel?

For example, “I should be happy for John. He worked really hard for it. I should congratulate him.” Of course, it is not easy. But if you do it constantly, soon you will catch yourself with negative thoughts. You will arrest these negative thoughts before they become words out of your mouth and action.

You should be more self-aware.

A more self-aware person can instantly change the way he thinks, speaks and act. A mindful person will slowly have a great day at work.


Challenges surround you daily. If you continue fighting it, there is no way you can have a great day at work. The trick is to appreciate these challenges as a way to train yourself.

Train yourself to accept challenges.

That there is no way you can change this and it’s a matter of how you respond that will determine how you feel towards your day. When you start to appreciate challenges at work, you will start to have more great days at work.


Accept that change is a natural phenomenon and whether it is a good change or a bad change, these are merely labels we give to a situation. Because things change constantly, something good may change into something bad very quickly.

And vice versa. A great day at work starts when you can better embrace change.



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