How to Know Someone who Should Be Your Mentor?

The best mentor is one who gets to know you, your skills and strengths and weaknesses, your individual personality and your aspirations. A good mentor should not serve as a lecturer, but as a sounding board who will help you with your struggles and help you to clarify your principles and beliefs. A good mentor doesn’t just encourage you, but will also tell you the blunt truth when you are moving in the wrong direction.

It is also a good sign if your mentor is candid and open about his or her own life. Anyone who has accomplished great things has made mistakes along the way and will share those experiences freely so that you can learn from them. We tend to think of a mentor or teacher as someone with gray hair and a well-lined face.

Not necessarily!

A mentor could be anyone who has something to teach you and could be the same age or even younger than you. A mentor could be someone of lower rank and social standing than you. Your mentor should be someone who has high standards and values, values mistakes for learning, has great interpersonal skills, good listener, open and honest and actually gives you feedback on your communication style.

This person should value learning and can stretch higher achievers and can help you experiment in a safe environment. Our tendency is to gravitate toward those with whom we have a lot in common. But in seeking out a mentor, it is wise to seek out people who have strengths that we lack.


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