This is How to Pass An Interview

An interview is an important stage in applying for a job. Be sure to prepare for your interview before hand. Perfectly written CV is usually the prerequisite for inviting someone to the interview or the enclosed motivation letter, which fulfils all requirements of the employer from the candidate. It is not at all easy to get the invitation to the job interview these days, because there are lots of suitable candidates on the labour market.

Therefore it is not strange, that you feel not only joy, but also responsibility and often fear. For the majority of us, it is difficult to bring up the best in us and make the positive impression about us in this stressing situation. We need to keep in mind, that the first seconds of the meeting will reveal a lot about us.

On the basis of this, the recruiter will make the first impression, which can influence the course of the whole meeting. Therefore, be careful about each detail, because anything however small can decide.

Correct passing of the interview can be trained, but there is always something to work on.

Your experience and certainty will grow with the number of passed interviews.

Many questions and situations are repeated during the interview, and you will always have the chance to make things better, or to say something more suitable as an answer.

Consistent preparation for the interview is really necessary.

Presently you can gather a lot of valuable information about the potential employer from internet. First, it is good to find out all available information about the company, for example from their website: It is worth trying to read current information - press releases and news, which make the life of the company now - that is how you can prove your orientation and interest in the company itself. You can use social networks to get the information. You will be surprised, how many interesting things and links you can find. Finally, this information will help you to get the complete picture of the company.

Another important part of the preparation is to think about the answers to the most common questions of recruiters (link to the most frequent questions). Try to say your CV out loud, even if you feel you already know it by heart. It is important to prepare the beginning, for your positive introduction. Always come on time for the interview, or even a few minutes early.

Let the recruiter or reception know about your possible delay over the phone.

Do not come too early for the interview, you will put yourself and the recruiter into stress, because he/she might have other working duties before your interview.

Behave adequately to the situation, say the greeting, know the name of the recruiter, who invited you to the interview.

Be careful about suitable clothing, be always suitably dressed. Jeans, trainers, sports outfit are certainly not the suitable clothes for the interview. You will never spoil anything by proved classics (black suit, blouse, high heels, or shirt).

The communication at the interview is of course the most important success factor.

Speak clearly and to the point. The tone of voice also says a lot about you. Do not forget the non-verbal communication too, experienced recruiter is able to get a lot of information from it, your lack of interest or a lie. The important start is shaking hands, train the optimum squeeze. During the whole interview, try to keep an eye contact with the person that communicates with you. Under no circumstances cross your arms or legs in front of your body, do not put your hands in front of your mouth. It is good to read a book on non-verbal communication before going to an interview.

The final step to help pass a job interview is the follow up.

Before leaving, a candidate should ask when the recruiter will make his or her final decision. If nothing is heard within that timeframe, call the organization to thank them for their time and inquire as to whether the position has been filled.

In many cases, the process can be delayed by unforeseen circumstances.



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