Baba Buharia Trivialises White Money's Success

In a show with over 1Bilion votes, Where you had a medical doctor, US Ex Military, Hollywood Artist, An Established Dancer with over 1M Followers, An International Fashion Designer, One of the Prettiest Entertaining Male in the person of Kross, A Biracial Sexy Goddess with the cutest of faces, The Daughter of a senator,

And you say it was an easy win?

Ehh let it be an easy win, it is better than easy loss. You are only pained that we like who we liked.


Baba Buharia Trivialises White Moneys Success


Plots of Land for Sale at ₦500,000 Per Plot
(Residential Real Estates / Lands)

Plots of Land for Sale at ₦500,000 Per Plot