Basic Requirements for Building an Organised Business.

I wish I could scream this. Understand basic requirements for building an organised business.

Have these: -

A vision statement (not a goal).

You can tweak it as you grow and become more aware. You can merge a vision and mission statement as one too.

Identify your core values.

The qualities you want to have and be known for in your business.

Give offer letters (not employment letter).

Your offer letter can include your confidentiality clause depending on your type of business.

Give guarantors form depending on your type of business. 

Have a simple handbook. Nothing heavy. You can improve on it as your business grows.

Educate Your Employee on the Job Description

Give Job description with performance Indicators so your employees know what's really expected of them and how it will be used to evaluate their performance.

Document simple SOPs.

Few lines here and there. Don't assume they should know how to do basic stuff. Eg don't assume they should know how to answer calls or welcome customers. Tell them and write it out. Never assume.

Maintain basic books for your business.

Sales, purchases, expenses, debtors, inventory in and out... Even if you can't reconcile as often as you should, ensure the books are maintained. So If you invite someone to check for you, they will see the true picture of your business financials.

Invest in Your Employees.

Invest in the mental, physical and intellectual growth of your employees so they fit into the perception you want to create for your brand.

Hope this helps?


Newly Built 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + BQ
(Residential Real Estates / Duplexes)

Newly Built 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + BQ