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2face And Annie Idibia2

Why I think Tuface Idibia extremely loves his wife Annie Macaulay.

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Here are some reasons why I think Tuface Idibia extremely loves his wife Annie Macaulay. 1. Annie Macaulay has always been a supportive wife to her husband Tuface, in his career, before and after the fame. Apart from supporting him when he was unstable, she also had always appreciated him when something good came up.

2. 2face had one time taken to Instagram to tell his wife thank you for keeping his head sane. What that means is that as the saying goes "behind every successful man is a woman". Therefore, Annie is responsible for the good decisions 2face takes and has taken so far.

3. 2face as we know him, is someone that loves originality. Annie is real to him. She does not hesitate to speak her mind about how she feels about anything going on in their marriage. So it is safe to believe that 2face, loves her for that.

4. Annie has been a fantastic wife to 2face. While he travels for events and all the up and down engagements concerning his career, she always makes sure to keep their home united. That is a rare quality.

5. Annie Macaulay has always been a special part of 2face's life. They have become inseparable. 2face married his friend and someone that understands him. Annie has never given him reason to feel rejected or bad probably concerning his past life especially when it comes to recent rumours about him having affairs with other women.

6. Annie is 2face's African Queen. She is beautiful and attractive. What more does he want in another woman.

7. Annie is also a celebrity like him. So,at least that is something they have in common. For this reason, they understand the Herculean duties that comes with their respective careers. She is humble and down to earth. Annie would not interrogate 2face when she sees him with another girl. She respects him to the core and men love respect, 2baba is not an exception.

8. 2face had revealed one time that his wife Annie is his world and Earth. This means he just cannot get enough of her and cannot imagine life without her.

9. I personally think, Annie is a good cook. Am sure 2baba would not joke with his stomach. Annie is probably feeding him well with delicacies hence, his fresh and young everyday look.

10. Annie is Faithful to 2face. I believe even before their marriage and in the marriage She always gushes about his love and professes her undying love for him. She loves him too, 2face is convinced of that and tend to be jealous most times but the fact still remains that she is a faithful wife.

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