A better understanding of this topic will help prevent depression, peer pressure, short cut format, suicide, etc. Growing up, I lost my mom at age eight (8). I was left in the hands of my dad to tutor and nurture. This man became a father, a friend, a mother and a teacher. He understood the job very well that I never felt a vacuum.

Life threw hard blows at me from a very tender age. I sometimes wandered and thought to myself; "Why my life wasn't easy going and perfect like every other person around me."

This drained me emotionally, at a point I felt something wasn't right about me. (as the story behind my birth was something entirely. A story for another day). This continued for a long time until my dad took notice. He never did or said anything to me about it until one faithful Friday, I and my dad went shopping at the famous Wadata Market (Benue state), on our way back we boarded a public bus.

All of a sudden my dad brought out a pen and a jotter from the sack we went to the market with and said to me, "Please note down the name and landmark of every street this bus makes a stop until we arrive at our destination"

I was baffled at his request but I simply obeyed despite the fact that I was extremely tired from market runs, I did the job as required. In the evening of that day, my dad handed me same jotter and requested that I read it aloud.

This time I didn't find it funny. Then he said to me.

The journey of life, is likened to this bus experience. As humans our routes are different, though time is the same,  our destination also differs. The urge to live the life of another brings pain and untold sorrows. Age and fate are two different things. Wealth comes early or later in life. Stories change when the appointed time comes.

The above illustration stuck with me all through my life journey. It gave me contentment, whenever I felt pressured, I withdraw for my sanity. Stop fretting over those that had gone ahead of you, you may be classmates, age mates but definitely not destiny mates. Every delay must not be attached to village people.

Go back to the drawing board and make urself useful. Equip urself physically, spiritually, emotionally. The period of delay may be to prepare u for greater things you never foresaw.

Journey of life is different. Our routes are different. Our time may be same, but grace level differs.