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Linda Ikeji And Her Father In A  Private Jet1

First Ever Cruise In A Private Jet by Linda Ikeji & Her Dad.

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This year on November 8, the queen herself, Linda Ikeji flew on a private jet to Abuja, for a meeting at the Nile University.

Too much enjoyment huh? You can say that again.

Linda Ikeji and Her Father In A Private Jet2'They' had so much fun on the flight, as there was enough foods and drinks, as shown with released pictures by the queen herself.

And did you notice I said 'they'? Yes! "They"

Linda didn't enjoy the moments alone. She tagged someone else along. Someone of importance to her.

She tagged her father. Yeah! Her dad travelled in the private jet with her, as she took pictures on Instagram with caption as "Awww... My dad's first time flying in a private jet. See the way he is smiling".

Awwwwwn... That was sweet of her. But, who wouldn't smile in such a situation?

I guess it was her first time too, travelling in a private jet, as she added to the caption "Ok, ok... Whatever! It is also my first time".

Anyways, we love her, and celebrate with her.

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