Aba town, a commercial city in Abia State is one of Nigeria’s most industrious town yet most abandoned in terms of infrastructure development.

Some call ABA, Nigeria’s Japan.

These guys can fabricate anything to near original.

You can find made in Nigeria female hand bags including Mark, Gucci Bags, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci Fendi & More. These guys have perfected in industrial copy like original.

You can also find shoes so well made that you think they are foreign. ABA town needs federal support, Nigeria’s bank of industry should focus on this town. This town has the human capacity to lead Nigeria’s industrial revolution.

The state over the years has been unlucky with good leadership, but this is a classic example of a town that can lead Nigeria’s industrial revolution if we have a leadership in Nigeria that decides that it is time we get it right.

Some people will say it is not made in Nigeria, it is made in ABA. I call this unique town” Nigeria’s Japan”.

Aba and the goods and talents within