You can't use trainings to make up for Bad Management or Leadership.

Sometime back, I got a call from a business owner who wanted her staff trained. We had a talk so I can understand her personal values as an entrepreneur. I noticed when we walked into her business place, her staff changed immediately. I could see fear and displeasure. From the door, she'd started swearing and cursing for anything that wasn't in place.

Note, there were laid down processes to a good extent. I praised her for that. So operations were quite smooth. But from further questioning, I knew business could be better.

Her Values.

She believed in hiring and firing as a policy, she believed in punishment, salary deduction as a means of discipline whether or not it is required, etc. So even though there was some form of structure in place, her beliefs hence, attitude would untrain the employees; making them unproductive and deliberately causing her to miss out on the full potential of her business.

Story short, I refused to carry out the training for her staff except she gets trained first.

Do you know what will happen if I train her staff first?

It will ruin my effort, affect the image and brand I'm building, because, she won't see results, and may tell people I don't know my work.

You can't use trainings to make up for bad management or leadership.


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1 Acre of Land for Sale at ₦3,000,000