Today the human condition is unspeakably sad. Maybe even sadder here in Nigeria. Our bodies are fragile, our lives brief, each like the sputtering decline of a short candle, measured against the age of the earth itself, our deepest relationships with friends and family are of the most transistory nature, mere incandescent flashes of love and kindness that do nothing to light the great, endless, dark, flowing river of time.

Yet we seldom surrender to the cruelty of our condition, we seldom lose faith in ourselves. Our hopes are rarely fulfilled, but we go on anyway, struggling against the darkness. Our determined striving in the face of our mortality is the very definition of courage, the essence of nobility.

Chaos can’t coexist with love. Love is a force for stability and order. The world needs love now to remain afloat. Nigeria needs love like since yesteryears, otherwise it would atrophied or implode on itself. Death is the unwelcome son of chaos in a universe woefully in need of order. The world needs order. Nigeria needs it more like never before.

But order eludes us for we have been robbed of simplicity by the shear size of our warped egos. Life should be simple and beautiful but we are all blind to the fact.

We can’t see it.

We can’t comprehend the grandeur or even the essence of simplicity because we are not humble.

Camouflaged brutes! More like fox in sheep skin.

Love either wins now or we sink.