It has become common place in Nigeria these days to see Nigerians throwing rights into the faces of all as if it is a piece of tantalizing akara.

Wherever you turn, you hear or read, my right this, or my right that; I reserve the right for this or for that; it is his/her rights to this or that..., no one has the right to dictate to and bla bla bla and whatever.

This is how we rant everyday without touching the koko (heart) of our problem.

It is always about right this, right that without progress. Your rights would take you nowhere unless common sense takes the driver's seat.

History has shown that outstanding progress are driven more by common sense than by rights. Any society that dwells more on rights than the power of common sense is doomed into the vicious circle of repeating the same mistake over and again.

There can never be harmony when everyone keeps insisting on their rights before applying common sense.