Many atime, I hear people make this statement; "Forgive and Forget" and I wonder how they reason in their deep seated selfishness. It is the same people who make this statement that often turn around to betray and hurt you because if they knew the meaning of what they have just said, and they said it, it bluntly means that they are calling you a big fool.

To start with, Our God in his awesomeness never forgets and we were created in his image to not deliberately forget anything. Forgetfulness is  not within the control of humans, you can choose to forgive but it was never in your power to forget and I will tell you why.

Forgetfulness can only occur when time is involved. God created time for humans and that is the only factor that can make you forget and that is why it is a normal thing for people to say that; "Time Heals". Even the bible never instructed us to forget. If we had the ability to consciously forget, then you will always remain a baby, it would suggest that you would always run back to those who have wronged you for more hurting to occur.

The bible was hampering on this issue in Matthew 10:16, KJV "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves". It will not be wise to forget a wrong doing, but it will be divine to forgive. Not forgeting gives you the power to avoid being hurt again. Forgeting, means, "remain a sucker for more punches" so, you see why the statement "forgive and forget" is so wrong and devilish, beware of whoever tells you that.

It will be nice to say, forgive me, I will try not to hurt you again, but to look you in the eye and tell you to forgive and forget is simply a smart play on your intelligence and I won't take that from anyone. In fact, that may just be the reason for me calling the popo on your person.

To round this up, I would also like to tactfully tell you that forgiveness is not acceptance. It will or may have played out sometime in your life that people will always come back to ask for your forgiveness just because they know they can get into your good books once more or perhabs to keep exploiting you probably because the person who made them betray you fucked them up.

My advise, God just gave you an opportunity to fuck them up too, forgive them, but don't restore them to your former place of glory, put them on a test drive, a scale and check them out from time to time. Ensure that they never pass your judgement test, so they can keep living up to expectation. If you restore them back to their former place of trust and friendship, they will definitely fuck you up again for sure.

All I have said is biblical and the bible has warned in Proverbs 4:23 "Guard Your Heart with all diligence for therein lies the issues of life".

If you keep allowing people to break your heart, your heart will fail you when you need it to reign in the issues of life.