At conception, a battle was fought and you won. Out of a million or more sperm heads, you conquered. Life is a battle ground, each day comes with its own monsters to conquer. Therefore, there's need for strategic positioning to identifying one's threat, etc.

A good soldier is vigilant and is never taken unawares. The sooner people understand this, the better. In the jungle of life, everyman is for himself, trust no one, the head should make decisions rather than the heart. In battle, a good soldier never gives his riffle out to another soldier for keeps.

Because he understands his survival depends on it. No matter how weighty it gets, he hangs it with pride. In the journey of life, be a man of few words. Be an individual of more actions than words.

Be unpredictable, let people only see the results and not the process.

Lastly, a good soldier is alert at all times.