This is one behavior that is common in Africa and with Africans. Knowingly or unknowingly, people exhibit this attitude. Envy and entitlement behavior, is the last degree to attain before bagging the degree of witchcraft. In as much as Generosity is preached and the need to have a bit of humanity in our day to day dealings, no one owes you a dime.

Gifts are a show of kindness, sometimes, givers starve themselves to show love. As a receiver, learn to show genuine gratitude because what you have in your hands and consider as nothing, might have cost the giver an eye. I often find it irritating, when I hear some individuals complain about how inferior a gift is.

It is only in Africa, people give birth to the numbers of children, they themselves can't cater for but expect relatives to shoulder their responsibility completely without complaining. Persons who stand strong and always help out in times of needs have problems too.

The fact they don't show it, doesn't make them self sufficient. Don't get angry at people for not doing what you could not do for yourself if you ain't their direct responsibility.

I put it to you that entitlement behavior is a brother to witchcraft.