One who understands the principle of speaking less, is already a winner. A man without secret is a walking dead. So many times, in our human weakness, we trust too much and place the secrets of our lives in the hands of others believing they are safe.

Every successful man or woman has a secret behind his or her success. Same goes for leading brands, every brand has a secret that distinguishes them from others. They hold on to it dearly (secret) because their existence depends on it. An individual who divulges too much, will find it difficult to climb the ladder of success.

Enemies are not monsters that fell from the skies but persons whom you have feasted and dined with. A man with few friends, is a man of lesser trouble. The heart of man is deep and cruel, it takes a lot of discipline, to attain heights in this journey of life.

Let actions and results speak of your intentions or plans. An individual who can't be predicted, can't be harmed

Speak less and achieve more.

See you at the top.