What Facebook Marketers Wont Tell You

I get to see alot of Ads on Facebook these days and I am beginning to wonder if the owners of these ads are truly Experts in their respective fields. The reason for my curiousity is hedged on the fact that they are not being sincere like they are claiming. No one can truly love another more than he/she can love him/herself.

Understanding Perspectives

We live in a dispensation where those who tell you the truth, you call your enemies and those who eat from your hands and who will always concur to both your vices and your virtues, you call your friends.

Lady Suffers Severe Elevator Accident At Villa Toscana Hotel Asaba

It was never to be heard off that anyone died from Elevator crash anywhere within Asaba until this dastardly carelessness on the part of the management of Villa Toscana Hotel Asaba, where a faulty elevator door was left open and a lady simply walked in to her doom.

Mr. Sam Jibunor

I have never worked for anyone in my life, but your zeal to affect lives inspired me to join your company. I have always been a lone ranger with no loyalties anywhere and deciding to come and work with you has taught me the lesson that I need to be loyal for grace to be imparted.

Josephine Williams

Williams Josephine, the Head of Marketing Department, Interconcepts Group was given a surprise mini birthday bash on Her Birthday, today (6th of November, 2020) at the Interconcepts Office, Asaba by her Fiance, Mr. Tony, who came with his team of friends, well wishers and the organisers of his surprise bash (Krystal Events & Decor)

Promote Your Music Today

For the next 7 Days (4th - 11th November), you can promote your songs on Fastclick Media for only 1,000. Yes, you heard that right. We are always concerned about the fate of upcoming acts and for the Month of November, we have decided to make this opportunity even better by adding a little icing to the cake.

We Are All Sick With One Flu Or Another Stop The Blame Game


I was just pondering over a lot of issues some days back while trying to dymistify the myth around making ends meet or making money without much stress and I realised that we are all sick.

Cut Toothpaste Tube

Yes, there is a lot to miss about those innocent years of excusable ignorance, cause now we know better. Take a ride with me on this one as I talk about some highpoints of being a teenager in the 90s.

Your Faith In Christ Jesus Is Worth Dying For

Nothing earthly is worth dying for. Just forget it. Your life in Christ should be top priority, not money, not girls and not other pleasures of this world.

Pastor TT

The way folks are feeling right now must be how the disciples of Christ felt when Jesus was crucified. They, like many of us, must have been thinking "This can't be happening. This is not how it was meant to be. Something has got to happen. God, you can't let this happen". But He died. He did die.

Gabbs Ultramart Asaba

Gabbs Ultramart is not new to us, infact it is my favourite shopping mall and I am sure it may be yours too. I patronize Gabbs Ultramart for two major reasons;

Dont Get Distracted You Can Still Achieve More This November

The tendency to be carried away or distracted from our business is very high in these times and in our clime, the reason is because it takes a longer gestation period to grow a business here in Nigeria than you would normally require if the situation were better off.

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