Almost every artiste i know has at a point in time expressed their displeasure towards the current situation of our dear country, Nigeria. Mac Daniel Jatto (aka Ace word) a Nigerian singer/songwriter who is based in Sweden has followed suit, the artiste who started off as a chorister in church called out our leaders on how they are putting us in SUSPENSE, making different promises which they never fulfill. 

Bugatti Records presents “Ballance” by CoallyBerry, Ballance in this song talkS about your account ballance, whether the devil likes it or not, your account balance have to increase, you have toiled all night and hustle all day and you deserve to be rewarded, pray to God Almighty to make your effort not be in vain, to crown all that you do with great success and make your account BALANCE blow.

Veteran Nigerian artiste and one of the best with great vocals and tunes, Wande Coal has release a short film to his track, Again. A song that is about Love, Friendship and betrayal. Some people leave our lives and everything becomes shattered, emptied and never remain the same AGAIN.

The African giant, Burna Boy as release the visuals to the track "Real life" from the album "Twice as tall" These days alot of our youth have chosen to live a two faced life, one on social media and totally a opposite one in real life, this isn't limited to gender as it happens between the male and the female gender. Burna boy addressed this in his debut Real life and says that a lady should love him for who he is in real life and not on social media.

From the Album Jordan by B-Red comes Bimpe featuring Davido, Bimpe is a noun used for his lady who he's done everything to please,to the extent of revealing his account details so she could consider, even if the account isn't as large as she would want it, there is an assurance that everything will be alright, just promise you would stay with me through thick and thin and be mine forever.

Have you loved someone so much that they make you go wild, wild so much that you go out of your way to do things for them & satisfy them, then you will be able to relate to WILD by Okereke Blessed Jordan also know as Yarden, the 20 yrs old Lagos born artiste sings about how he feels whenever he is around her and describe it as WILD.

Nofe Liberty, daughter of Felix Liberty one of Nigeria Talented Musician is out with a New & Lit single title Naked Wire.  The song Writer & Rapper who was born in America in the 80s has proved beyond reasonable doubt that she is in the industry to stay, the Rap Song, Naked Wire shows how firece Nofe is, we can feel the electrical shoignition by listening to the video. 

Sean Martin Luther Tha P in collaboration with Franks x Iam3am x Payper release a new track off the Pumbah Mixtape titled Love me not. When you are sure of your love for someone and you are convinced they are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, it is important you confirm where you stand with them, because the person you love might Love You Not. 

Alexander Olaoluwa Salami also know as O.L.A, a Nigerian singer & song writer release a new video titled Vibes, Vibes which indeed got alot vibes is a song that shows alot of drips, no doubt O.L.A. has got alot of vibes and is willing to rob some on you if you lack.

 Tekno release new video to his track titled PuTTin, Puttin as used in this context talks about some people who looks like a ganstar or like they have seen it all but in the real sense these ones doesn't know alot, the people who we think are innocent and soft on the outside look are the ones who turnout to be the bandit. 

Nigeria rapper, singer and songwriter, Damola Hammed Shafar, stage name Minzee Keyz release his first single titled Minding My Business. One of the best recipe to having a peace of mind is minding of your business, there are alot of pressing issues that needs your attention than delving into what doesn't concern or affect you, how about using such time, energy and passion to making money and aspiring to be successful!!!! MINDING YOUR BUSINESS.

Trod, who is Late Da Grin's Younger brother has released the visual to the song ALOWONLE, a yoruba  word that means someone who met wealth at home, Trod didn't only inherit just wealth he's inherited the music talent and of course what some refer to as the Banana which any lady will want to die for. 

In Celebration of Nigeria's 60th independence anniversary, Chief Fruitful Mekwunye, also known as The Professor release his afrobeat song titled Somebody. Talking about different occupation that are been looked down on in the society, Agbero, Truck pusher, Taxi Driver, Danfo Driver, all of these workers are SOMEBODY, it is the situation of the country that made them what they are and should be accorded a level of respect because they are also contributing their own quota to the success of the country, Nigeria. 

Idi Oremi (Opotoyi Pt. 2) by Popular Nigerian musician, Azeez Fashola who is widely known as Naira Marley is a continuation of his track Opotoyi, where he admires the shape, beauty and make up of a plus size or better still figure 8 black woman. These women has successfully dressed classic by covering up, thereby hidden what they are made up of and when you per adventure see them in their God given shape you will have no choice but scream OPOTOYI which is a yoruba word used in exclamation of how abundant something is. 

Nigerian rising singer, IQ released the visuals to his banging song titled “Gbemileke.” Gbemileke is a yoruba word which means upliftment. In this song IQ appeal to God to bless the work of his hand, he has worked hard & hustle, but he know all of these are not enough until God intervene, he beg baba God to bless his husle, uplift him and make his word worthwhile.

All the way by Lil Kesh is a song that professes Love all the way, how i choose to love you everyday, night and day, every single moment & all the way. Either its rainy or sunny, when things are rosy and when things aren't easy, i will be with you,either you like it or not, it is you all the way. 

Highly talented Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper, Dotman, release yet another hit track titled Duro. The song talks about a young man who left all behind, to pursue his dream in a foreign land, but is appealing to his girl to "Duro" (Wait) for him till he comes back to tie the knot with her, you know what they say about eating your cake and having it, besides Love is not sweet without money so DURO. 

Young Jonn Mr Jiggy releases a new groovy track he titles ‘Incase‘ Produced by Phantom. Incase empahasizes the importance of money in the life of a man, you wonder why they say "Money for hand, back for ground? That is to tell you that you can literally get nothing done without money, throw that money first and see all other things fall in place, and Incase the money cease sometimes , plead for understanding but it won't be easy. 

Truth they say is bitter, Don Coleone has unveiled some bitter pill in his new song titled TRUTH, where he affirms that though no one likes to hear the truth his song is about some truth. Maybe the wise will accept it, or how do you describe the enslavement from the white man through religion though they said that we have been granted independence, politicians looting our money and giving in return bad government, fake men of God using religion to exploit us of the little we have left, if these are not the truth about what is happening then what is?

Oduma Essan a promising artist from Accra, Ghana released a banger titled "Shake body" A song fit for a club settings and a song you can dance to anytime, anyday. Many atimes we see people at the club who aren't vibing to the music, they only come there to watch others, this isn't suppose to be so and in the song Show Body, Oduma Essan has analyzed what we have come to the club to do, "Shake Body" 

DJ Neptune teams up with Lit Music Group artiste "Runda" to create another anthem titled "Bembe". Bembe is a love song of how a lady has rented a space in your head and heart because you just couldn't get her off your mind, how i couldn't even find the groud and basis to tell my friends how much i have been intoxicated with your love but really how do one explain that ever since you set your eyes on a damsel she has been all that you have bben thinking of and you can't get your mind off her.

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