Marriage is amazing.

But you have to make sure you go into it for the right reasons and with the right expectations. Many people go into marriage for the wrong reasons and this is why most marriages usually end up in divorce. Whether your number is 25 or 35, you hit it or are years passed it, you need to erase the concept of it altogether from your mind.

In life, things happen for a reason and divorce is one of those life events that just doesn’t happen by accident. In a marriage, whether it’s been a year or 20 years, problems tend to build up over time. If one or both of the spouses chooses not to share how they’re feeling, the probability of reaching a divorce at that point is very likely.

Make Money Online From Your Current Business

The internet is good for more than just porn and video games, you can make money off it too!

Think of the internet as a giant country called Imaginationland. By playing your cards right, you can make some easy money online doing things you’re already doing. There are countless ways you can make money online.

Voters Registration Cards

I was watching a program on NTA (Nigerian Televisions Authority) this Morning and must confess that I was really depressed about the scheme of things concerning the voters’ registration card. There was this argument about piles of voters’ card still uncollected while “a noisy few” in the words of one of those invited to talk on the issue, are aggrieved about not being able to register for their voters registration card during the voters registration exercise.

Grow Twitter Followers

Getting friends on Facebook is quite easier than getting followers on twitter. Only popular persons such as celebrities can easily get thousands to millions of followers easily because they already have fans who would love to associate with them on social media. However, there are some ways you can easily raise your tweeter followers online but you will have to work a little more than normal to get positive results.

Being Tagged On Facebook Is A Headache

Sometimes one may end up having many friends on your Facebook account. And these friends may be in the habit of tagging you to their posts thus flooding your timeline with more of their contents than yours. Does your timeline look like a notice board where they can post whatever they like?


Sometimes we just need the privacy, especially from some Foes. Okay, probably so that someone doesn’t gain unnecessary access to our Facebook profile information which serves as one of our e-passport bearing most if not all our details.


Today I’ll be listing FIVE ways in which you can get more members to your Facebook group(s).


These days most of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ offers data export settings. This means, even if your account is deleted or you’re unable to access it for some reasons, you can easily regain your complete profile data. This feature is called Account archive in Facebook.

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