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I have seen most men maltreat their woman, disrespect her, cheat on her, hit her whenever they have the chance to and they do all these believing she loves them too much to walk away because in their myopic reasonning, women are naturally soft, it's just their nature and they can't change. And so these guys believe they can always talk and pamper their way out of any situation when push turns to shove.

So many times, we have had one bad experience or the other. It could be someone we love so much hurting us, could be friends we care so much about disappointing us, could be family abandoning us when we needed them most. It could be a very bad experience worse than what I already mentioned above, but do we really need to allow all those things determine where our future will head to? Capital NO.

There are so many outfits to choose from that one may not be exactly sure what is appropriate to wear for occasions. What you wear goes a long way to defining who you are, and it is important that you let your outfits create good impressions on your admirers. This article will guide you on how to dress for various occasions.

Beyonce is a diva and she is one of the top female artists in the history of music, actually started singing in the church choir. The Houston born diva has a beautiful home in LA, California where she lives with hubby and her most cherished daughter Blue Ivy. One amazing fact about Beyonce is that her favourite number is 4 and even God knew this and that’s why he chosed to create her on the 4th day of September.

For those that do not know their meanings, An employee is simply a person who works for another person or one who is employed by someone called an employer. A self employed is an entrepreneur or better put as the name implies, one who works for himself. In other words, he is his own boss. Below are ten (10) interesting differences that exist between the two and most likely why some folks say they can never work under anyone. Enjoy.