Price takes a back seat as long as customers see that you have something unique to offer,  something that matters to them. Value is the difference between your price and the benefits your customers perceive they'll get. If they perceive the benefits are high, they'll convince themselves the price is adequate and worth it.

It is very impressive how Nigerians are giving. Davido raising over 100 million in just hours.

Just wondering if Nigerians can respond this same way and donate to fix our teaching hospitals.

Babajide Akeredolu has been appointed as the Director-General of a prominent government agency in Ondo state. The son of the Ondo governor, will head the Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit (PPIMU) in the state.

Governor Akeredolu had last year said he can appoint his son as the Ondo state chief of staff so far he is competent. (Legit, 2021)

What do you think about a governor or president appointing his wife, children or family into top sensitive government positions?

Let’s get your opinion

It is unfortunate that kidnapping has returned full swing in some of the south south states known for kidnapping.

It is now a new form of job and money making.

I had a long talk with an old friend who is a university lecturer.

Sometimes when you listen to those who wear the shoes it may affect your judgement and previous condemnations.

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Duplex for Sale at Asaba, along Okpanam Road.
(Residential Real Estates / Duplexes)

Duplex for Sale at Asaba, along Okpanam Road.