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Do you believe in God? Why? I have discovered from my experiences in life that true belief in God can only come when you have had a revelation of Him. A lot of Christians today think that because their Pastors or cell leaders or heads say some certain things that depict they believe in God, that it is something that they can copy and by so doing they deceive themselves and others into thinking that they love and believe God.

 Of all religions, Christianity and Islam are the main religions practiced in Nigeria today. This article will focus on Christianity. I’m sure a couple of people have heard the word “Christendom” being used often. Basically Christendom refers to the part of the world where Christianity prevails. It refers to Christians, their lifestyle and every aspect of them. A lot of ideologies about Christianity exists.

A library, in simple terms denotes a building containing several educational and informative materials which are accessible to the public. Being an arena that promotes knowledge, a library is very important in life generally because it acts as the intellectual memory of a place, either a nation or a community. Two broad categories that are worthy of note in the categories of Nigerian libraries are:

If you gather a bunch of nice girls from nice respectable homes, put them into a room, and ask them to discuss a hot sizzling issue like dating, more often than not your group of girls would relegate the issue of money to where it belongs. Far away from matters of the heart; that is where money belongs to them. What I find fascinating about girls like these is that they actually belief money in dating is like water and oil. They don't mix.

''For you'' is a new song by Ejiano. Ejiano, the baby mama crooner presents a new single titled "For You". For you is an afro-fusion, with a melodious and heavy sound that will get you vibing all day. Notable lines ''There is something I want to say... I want to say I love you, there is something I can not fail... I can not fail to love you'' For you is produced by Icon, M&M by K . Vibez. Listen and Enjoy