Your Faith In Christ Jesus Is Worth Dying For

Nothing earthly is worth dying for. Just forget it. Your life in Christ should be top priority, not money, not girls and not other pleasures of this world.

Make Money Online Without Investment

This opportunity is for newbies and experienced marketers who want to make a huge amount of money Online irrespective of where they reside in the world. I will show you How to Earn Over $1000 on GramFree and you will see How easy it is to earn and make withdrawals of your earnings to your Paypal, Bitcoin wallet, Payoneer Account etc.

Dont Get Distracted You Can Still Achieve More This November

The tendency to be carried away or distracted from our business is very high in these times and in our clime, the reason is because it takes a longer gestation period to grow a business here in Nigeria than you would normally require if the situation were better off.

Logo Utima Logistics

Welcome to Utima Logistics, the most vibrant and proactive Logistics Company in Delta State. Utima Logistics has been around for over a couple of months now and they are moving with the speed of light, to be realistic, I want to believe that they are taking over territories with the speed of light.

Technology And Money

I have been keeping my cool, but I need to say this, technology was not made for you to brag with, it was made for you transform your state for the better. If you are technologically savvy and you are yet to find just one online source of income, then something is wrong.

O Fresh   Cool Temper

Gift Gbemor also known as O' Fresh, the Oyoyo crooner is back again with Cool Temper. Wait for It. It Promises to be a nice one. I was intriqued and know you will be too.

Otta Farmer

Nigerians do not have a tradition of holding their government accountable no matter the gravity of their sins against them. We merely grumble and move on. Nigerians always protect their own ethnic thieves even when their lives and existence gets stolen from them by those thieves.

Platinum B Love

Nigerian DanceHall Singer Vicwin is Going for his second International Collaboration this year with an award winning American Rapper Platinum B Love.

Brands That Speak

Can We Write About Your Business? Do you do any business that falls within the categories listed below; Fashion & Designing, Makeup and Cosmetics, Nail Fixing, Hair Making, Sale of Wigs, Human Hair, Virgin Hair E.t.c, Sale of Women Fashion Accessories, namely, Shoes, Bags, Hats, Scarfs E.T.C?

Nigeria Has Been Sold Out

Nigeria is unfortunately saddled with leaders that are not even remotely intrested in creating oportunities, expanding frontiers and making life better for the greater numbers of their people.

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