A boy is birth with one arm, and with all the odds against him, he finds his way through a though childhood full of bullying and self doubt. He becomes a man and ends up in a career that people like him don't venture into. He is set to make history but... let's see how it goes in this video..... This story is self explanatory and you can be done with this 2 hours + movie in about 10 Minutes. 

If you can stay/live for a full month and not see the need to spend time with God, your life is under attack. Don't be carried away by some of this praises in the ministry.

Gone are the days when people lock themselves in a room even for a day and say "sorry, you are not going to see me for a day or days".


The last thing on a boy's mind is marriage. Boys don't think of marriage, they want to make money first, they enter into relationship just for fun and sex, that's why if the lady should get pregnant, they ask her to abort it, or they'll deny her, because they aren't ready for marriage. Stop dating boys. Boyfriends will keep scaring away serious and well-meaning suitors because they'll be thinking that the boyfriend that always hangs around you actually wants to marry you.

You celebrate Ole Gunnar’s sack by Manchester United, yet the Buhari you defend has taken Nigeria further backwards than Ole ever took Manu in reverse.

Can you not see your hypocrisy? By default, you agree Buhari should have been sacked,


Sir, How Can We Jail Our President?

The above question was asked by a Fan of Reno Omokri and as usual Reno answered in a polite, definite and in an objectively principled fashion. Reno Omokri is one celebrity that I respect so much. He is an astute believer and a righteous man.

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