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A friend recently lost a baby through a miscarriage. When she told me, I was really sad for her. So sad it was a bit difficult for me to find the consoling words for a situation such as this. To be honest, I had no feelings for the baby or foetus to be more precise, I was rather totally engaged by the idea of the pain she went through while all that blood was flowing out of her unchecked.

Soundfill Records present fast rising act, a legendary in the making, Ejiano_C a singer and a song writer. The official release of the unquestionable hit tittled Loving you. Loving you is RnB with Afrobeat infusion. Pro. By Emma D1. You will love it.


Bobel and Vertix are two of Nigeria's fastest growing talent in the rap industry and they have collaborated to produce a stunning list of songs. They are both from the Eastern part of Nigeria, these two are taking over Nigeria's rap scene and culture. Nasty C's "Jack" was recreated by these two fastest rising rappers.

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Right now, there is a situation going on and it is going to be lit. We just heard rumours that a young chap is about to blow the embers of good music, yeah, he is the in thing at the moment and we all want to hear it thing too or don't you? We are happy to and delighted to unveil "My Matter" by Enplarge. Stream, Download and Share.


Animal documentaries used to be my best programs on TV back in the day. I still love them. But these days, watching them is mostly for the comedy only. What would a dude like me see in an obviously serious educating TV show?

What I find funny is simply this: What gave man the right to know how other animals think, behave and make decisions? Go figure. More on this issue some day.