I have this niggling feeling Father's day was created as a response to the ubiquitous mother's day. But we all know nobody actually want to celebrate a day dedicated to people who really don't care about it in the first place.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Part of A Network Marketing Company

Ponzi Lovers, how market?

I guess it is clear by now that Donations that give you a percentage on your investment is devilish and straight from the pits of hell. From my findings, I have discovered that genuine businessmen get burnt when they participate in ponzi schemes while those who have always been fraudulent in their ways escape the bites of a failed scheme for reasons I can't place my hands on right now.

We promote your business on Social Media to increase engagement & conversions for your business. As a consumer, you can see how much attention businesses devote to social media, and as a business owner, you are constantly hearing about how vital it is to have a successful marketing strategy for one's business. Up until now, you may have dismissed these observations.

As an entrepreneur, there are things that turnoff your customers. In other to maintain a healthy customer base, you need to imbibe some basic and necessary habits that is conducive for customers to keep coming back. We need returning customers to sustain any business and so it is vital that we maintain a good first impression before any customer that comes to patronize our business.

The West owes Africa no shit. They are only committed to their own people. That is their truth and their one and only gospel. No amount of sufferings in Africa would make them change that. This is why it is a complete waste of time for some Africans to continue whining and lamenting about the evils of Western Imperialists in Africa. 

Make Money Online From Your Current Business

This topic has actually been over flogged by a majority of publishers which includes Internet Marketers wanting to sell their e-books on "How to make money online in Nigeria" down to Top Bloggers in the Industry who actually have the most sought after experience on how to make money online in Nigeria as Most Internet Marketers don’t even have a clue about the topic.

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