Otta Farmer

Nigerians do not have a tradition of holding their government accountable no matter the gravity of their sins against them. We merely grumble and move on. Nigerians always protect their own ethnic thieves even when their lives and existence gets stolen from them by those thieves.

I Dont Think Your Kids Should Be Seeing ActionHorror

Everything that children see or hear in the media early on in their lives affects them in some way. Positive parenting role models indicate that in the best interest of our children we should limit their exposure to violent acts. Unfortunately, violence is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Over sixty percent of television shows being shown on Multichoice contain some form of violence.

Josephine Williams

The Director (Interconcepts Global Resources Limited) just had a breakfast meeting with new recruits from the Kwale branch of the Company.  See Photos after the cut.

Nigeria Has Been Sold Out

Nigeria is unfortunately saddled with leaders that are not even remotely intrested in creating oportunities, expanding frontiers and making life better for the greater numbers of their people.

Farmers Market

A few years back, Food export accounted for more than 70 percent of the GNP of Nigeria, thirty five years later, it is almost a complete reversal with food items accounting for over 50 percent of imports. Food output has declined since independence even when many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa are still very fertile and potentially productive, per capita food out declined, grain imports then increased more than seven times.

Web Dele Farotimi Logo Wide

I came across a video online about the APC, PDP crisis and I was totally happy about this learned gentleman by name DELE FOROTIMI. Like he would always say, "Do not die fighting their war, create your own war to die in". This to me is sound reasoning, the distractions we get from those we call leaders can not be compared to anything else. We the citizenry are always the ones to suffer when we engage in issues that do not concern us, and we sure do know how to get entangled in the politics of men who don't even have an inkling of our existence. God will help us.

Do Not Speak Ill Of The Dead

Is there really anything wrong in writing the appropriate epitaph for the dead person irrespective of whom they were while alive? What's wrong in describing a thief, a looter, a rapist or whatever low life for that matter as such when they pass into the great beyond?


A.A.I GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. is an indigenous company registered under CAC–1212095 with objective of redefining the Real Estate industry via its unique strategy and robust architectural wing. It exist to foster new grounds by tackling housing issues, ensuring it provides serene and genuine landed properties to prospective clients. The company has been able to put together undisputable team of experts who are ready to take on the most complex building projects as they have been able to carve a niche for themselves in their various fields within the short period of our existence.

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Nigeria Indebted To Other Countries

Why are we still still taking loans from other Countries? What's really the goal for taking such loans? Are we about to be sold for Top Dollars without our knowledge?

Kemebradikumo Pondei NDDC

The same old drama everytime. Probe panels and white-papers leading nowhere in particular everytime. The same old vicious circle being witnessed by our battered and bruised youths everytime. It's just so pathetic. The leaders in Nigeria have become brazen in their stealings more than ever.

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