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Matilda U Isaac is a great singer, songwriter and music Teacher. God has been using her from when she was 13 years year old till date. She grew up in Warri and has been one of the key soloists in House on Rock Church Enugu before she got married, she is presently in Lagos. She has gone for a lot of competitions and programs. She believes that worshipping God is her life. God will still be God whether she worships Him or not.

Original name is Akinyo Ibrahim Olusegun. Stage name is ibraaahym. Graduate of OAU Ile Ife, then studied cinematography after. Formerlly a presenter on radio station. I am also an actor worked on several projects such as 30minutes, One chance, Tinsel, Lovers and Sinners, amidst other jobs.

By my side song is one of my songs I like so much. The song is an act of appreciation unto God that God does not disappoint his people and can never fail those who put their trust in him. This an act of thanks to God for his good work in my life, on his chosen people. He is ready all the time to protect and provide for his people.

Chukwubuike Shedrack Nwankwo, also known musically as CHYKE SHEDRACK N is out with a new song titled; "DAALU (Thank You)" The DAALU song Is a song of appreciation unto God for his blessings. He is appreciating God for his unique and special good work, caring, mercies and his love upon humankind. For in heaven and on earth, there's no one like him.

I wil be going straight to the point on these 13 relationship killers without beating about the bush. For many of us, we may have thought life was unfair at some point, but life is only fair to those who are in control, to be in control, you must accept knowledge when it comes and be willing to adapt to new things and ways of doing stuff.