Two siblings who happens to be a con-artists duo come in contact with a billionaire and hits their big break. They recruit their old friend to play a big role in scamming the billionaire, but there is a lot we got to discover at the end. lets see how it goes in this video..... This story is self explanatory and you can be done with this 2 hours + movie in about 10 Minutes. 

An old class mate during post graduate school stopped earlier today to see me.

He currently owns a private practice in Behavioral Management here in Atlanta and he has about 20 Staff working for him.

It was good seeing him after so many years. Ask me what he studied?

The Pandora docs due to be released anytime from now. The list will unveil all hidden accounts of filthy rich people all over the world.

Nigerians will be amazed to find the names of some so called powerful people in our country and how much they stole from the state. What are the Pandora docs?

We live in a new world, some call it the new normal.

A world were a simple unassuming phone call is recorded by the receiver without the callers consent, a world were people screenshot messages and copy videos just to use later for blackmail.

This explains why most people never respond to calls or messages.

If Nigeria must move forward, the first structural change we need is in the educational sector.

You cannot find any developed country today whose educational sector is not developed. Nigeria has so many structural damage and budget deficits that the idea of government directly funding universities is no more tenable.


Own A Landed Property with Only ₦500,000
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Own A Landed Property with Only ₦500,000