After the Senate queried the plan by the federal government to secure a $200 million facility to procure mosquito nets to prevent malaria in 13 out of the 36 states of the federation.

What is mediocrity? It is defined by the Oxford dictionary of current English as, averageness, ordinariness.

A person of second rate ability or value. Moderate to inferior in quality. Mediocrity is an issue to be dealt with. As many do not understand where to draw the line between mediocrity and humility.


The first thing to do is not to think about what to do to be rich, rather ask yourself why you are poor.

If you discover the why, it would be easy to solve the what. Poverty is a global pandemic, it kills more than any epidemic. Poverty is a global citizen and has no respect for age, race or geographic location.

Now, this gist is to let y'all brothers know that it's okay to be whom you are and stop the over hyping also known as lying.

I'm not someone that you can lie to or someone that feeds on fantasies.

I once asked a lady who came to me for counseling what she wanted in a man and she said;

"I want a God fearing guy, church boy", I want a tall dark guy with chiselled chest, six packs he must not have six packs but, I don't want somebody with big tommy.