Ave Maria By Celine Dion 01

Ave Maria is Latin for ‘hail Mary’, a traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox prayer calling for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  There are so many versions of this title, as way back as 1825, it is a prayer to the Virgin Mary used in the catholic worship, based on the salutation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary and the words of Elizabeth to her.

Attendre By Celine Dion

Attendre by Celine Dion is a French word which means waiting. Which area of your life have you been waiting for something new to happen, something you have always wanted and dream of, how long can you wait without losing faith, and the last thing a waiting person can hold on to is hope.

At Seventeen Celine Dion 01

Another life relatable song by Celine Dion that brings different memories to our mind is ‘at seventeen’. For some of us the legal age for freedom is seventeen while for some of you it is eighteen depending on your location but let’s stick with seventeen here.

At Last By Celine Dion 01

As a living being, one of the essence of life is to dream, believe in the dream and finally hope the dreams come alive and become a reality at last. Some dreams remain as dream until they fade away but when dreams come alive, when we are finally living a life we had always dream of, it comes with an inner joy that we just can’t explain. At last by Celine Dion is about how a lonely days are over and at last love has been found.

Nigeria Has Been Sold Out

Nigeria is unfortunately saddled with leaders that are not even remotely intrested in creating oportunities, expanding frontiers and making life better for the greater numbers of their people.

Do Not Speak Ill Of The Dead

Is there really anything wrong in writing the appropriate epitaph for the dead person irrespective of whom they were while alive? What's wrong in describing a thief, a looter, a rapist or whatever low life for that matter as such when they pass into the great beyond?


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