Alone By Celine Dion 01

For most of us, we want and need that special one in our life but not at all cost. Being alone is another kind of feeling that comes with a price to pay, for those of us that really love and protect our space, being alone is what we won’t mind signing up for.  Amazing song by Celine Dion.

Aint Gonna Look The Other Way By Celine Dion 01

In a love affair which has been for quite some years, it is very difficult for one of the love birds to let go of the other. Some of the things that keep a relationship going are mutual goals, same dream, attitudes that complement the other, endurance and compromise, also in a relationship, there are different phases and several moments, which shows our characters and attitude which the other person we judge us upon.

Always Be Your Girl By Celine Dion 01

Celine Dion is one of the queens of divas who rock the top for a long time with her body shape, aura, title and lyrics of the songs, and ‘Always be your girl’ is another song to prove that.

Another Year Has Gone By Celine Dion

One of the sweetest things in any love affairs whether it is dating, courtship, marriage or any other form of relationship, is counting and celebrating years that has gone by. ‘Another year has gone by’ by Celine Dion was released as a monster hit in 1998.

All The Way By Celine Dion 01

There are just a few features Celine Dion had that is better than this, I won’t mint going all the way just to listen to this song of decade. This song focuses on how someone can love you and be there for you in all ways and will go all the way just because of you.

Grace Vicky Perry Feat. M Kings

Elemah Victor Praise also known as Vicky Perry has just released another brand new single titled: "Grace". Grace is all about what each and everyone of us need the most in our lives. Grace is is also an hustle anthem to the youths of this generation. Featuring M king. Download and Enjoy. Your comments will be appreciated, please show love by dropping your comments below.


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