Dead Awake

An insomniac wanders the streets at night and ends up at a local deli where life's losers appear to end up, including a nice, although slightly lost young woman and a slightly deranged, apparently homeless man, and a untalkative, dysfunctional cop hangout. On one of the late night forays, the insomniac witnesses a murder. When he tries to report, there is no sign of the murder, but the cops become convinced he is the killer.

Adesua Etomi Wellington

Adesuwa Etomi Wellington in Fearless Worship, Banky has found a Kingdom Partner, you will understand better after reading ==>>> Banky W is a Child of the kingdom, A Must Watch Video and watching the accompanying video. Like it is popularly believed, Like Poles repel and Unlike Poles attract, this is only true outside the kingdom of God.

Public Media Concert 2019

Public Media Concert 2019 is here and it promises to be explosive. This concert is organised by Public Media, The Island Hotel and Hiptv in Lagos State.

Legacy Of The Bones

Pamplona (autonomous community of Navarra's capital; north to Spain). One year later of Basajaun's crimes, a nine-months pregnant Inspector Amaia Salazar is on the city court waiting for the trial to Jason Medina, accused to rape, mutilate and kill her stepdaughter Johana Márquez. But just before of the trial, Medina is found on the court's bathroom after committing suicide by cutting his veins, leaving a little note in a pocket of his jeans with just one word written: "Tarttalo".

The King   Trace

The King Trace Show is the new secular version of this gospel artist that has began to make waves in Jos and Nigeria, he however ventures into the secular scenes to penetrate the formations of mundane thinking. The song expresses the different diversions in his voice . His capacity to sing, rap and change the pitch and texture of his voice has made him a unique sound.

Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs. Anthony Joshua II

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz The sport news has been going wild as Nigerians have been dancing in excitement.

While we were glad that Cardi b visited Nigeria, and did a lot of tourism and performances (story for another day). Anthony Joshua, officially known as, Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua won the heavyweight boxing match.

Valley Of Bones

"Valley of Bones" is a nail-biting adventure thriller set in the oil-rich Badlands of western North Dakota. Anna, a single mother and paleontologist, and McCoy, a meth-addicted oil worker, form an unlikely bond as they both struggle to make amends for their criminal pasts. Their hopes lay in the form of a monumental T. rex fossil, the discovery potentially worth millions.

2 Buzz FM 89.7

Buzz Fest. Official Opening of Buzz FM 89.7 ABA.

Featuring: KCEE, RUFFCOIN (NWA ABA) and other Great made in ABA Stars.

Chioma Adeleke

On the 27th of November, Kemi Olunloyo took to Instagram with her usual Kemi talks, to warn Davido's wife, chioma, not to dance while feeding her little baby Ifeanyi.

On the 22nd of November, the beautiful Chioma posted a video of herself dancing while feeding her baby. Although, the dance was a slow one as she listened to one of the songs of her sweetheart, Davido.

Safiya Danladi

1. United States is no longer the world's leading country.
2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.

Amaechi Chris

I have been accused of this many times and also had same people come and say... "my God we didn't know you were this anointed".

A brother told me that I walked into a meeting and his neighbour asked him "do you know that guy? He said "yes" and the guy asked... what's wrong with that guy? He is not smiling (He was obviously offended.) I seriously didn't know I was not smiling. I had walked in after scolding some of the leaders who were supposed to do something they didn't do (outside). So maybe my face had not relaxed from that. (Laughing)

Linda Ikeji And Her Father In A  Private Jet

This year on November 8, the queen herself, Linda Ikeji flew on a private jet to Abuja, for a meeting at the Nile University.

Too much enjoyment huh? You can say that again.

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