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Peter Praise   Asi N Obughi Gi

Some are called, but few have been chosen and this dandy looking officer of the kingdom was not left out. He is known as Peter Praise and He just hit the Nigerian gospel airwaves with a beautiful gospel tune titled: "Asi N' Obughi Gi". Remain Blessed as you do the needful.

I Wanna   Henry Bless

Henry Bless who is also known as Steady Maintain, is a jolly good fello. His previous track 21 Missed Calls was a hit on the airwaves and here he comes with another banger titled "I Wanna", the fact is simple, Henry Bless is a Super Star and he is soon taking over the the Nigerian Music Industry with his unique music pattern.

Otta Farmer

Nigerians do not have a tradition of holding their government accountable no matter the gravity of their sins against them. We merely grumble and move on. Nigerians always protect their own ethnic thieves even when their lives and existence gets stolen from them by those thieves.

Blue Christmas By Celine Dion 01

Everywhere around the globe, the ideal color associated with Christmas is red and green. The green Christmas tree,the red decorations on it with some maybe touch of white or gold light are a major art of Christmas that we all can never forget. Christmas is a very unique festive eriod of the year, with different ambiance, different cities with different ways, lightening that makes everywhere so beautiful that you might forget what time of the day it is.

Baby Close Your Eyes By Celine Dion 01

Who really is your baby? Is it the one you bear from your womb or the one you begin to love and caress at his or her youthful age? Whoever your baby it at any point in time and in any context, there is always a kind of feeling that hit your mind when you see them close their eyes. You ca only get that feeling when you close your eyes.

Be The Man By Celine Dion 01

There is a difference in being ‘the man’ and being ‘their man’. As a male gender, most of us want to be sure that she will always be your girl, but also the woman want to feel safe and at peace knowing fully well that you are the man. It is left to you to want to be the man, the intent you show to want to be the man will go a long way as to whether you will be accepted as the man or not.


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