Adeste Fideles By Celine Dion 01

Adeetes Fideles’ is a French phrase which means ‘O come on all, ye faithful’. It is a gospel hymn that goes back a long way, but was sampled by Celine Dion with her melodious voice. It is a Christmas song, calling on all believers of Jesus Christ to gather to worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A World To Believe In By Celine Dion 01

In every area of your life, there are different beliefs that you hold on to which determine some of the things you do and affect how you relate with the different people in your life. ‘A world to believe in’ by Celine Dion is a love song that shows that you can have an imperfect world (a world of your love affairs), despite these imperfections, there would be some things in that world which makes it a world to believe in.

Mothers Prayer By Celine Dion 01

A MOTHER’S PRAYER by Celine Dion is a different angle from the usual love songs from the Irish band Westlife, it is a song that most people can relate to because for most religion and beliefs, a mother’s prayer is important in the life of an individual.

King Of Kings By James O Emmy Feat Minister Faith

James O Emmy song writer recording artist and a worship leader finally drop the long awaiting song title king of kings this song talk about the powerful God and his greatness for we're nothing without him, following on this he feature a anointed sing called minister faith.this is one song you'll love to listen to

Hip Pop Sean Jesse

This is a public announcement, Sean Jesse is dedicating this song to everybody out here in our nation (Nigeria) and to the world at large and He is saying, via this medium that He is one of the best Hip Pop rappers in the country, Sean Jesse is a superstar artist and a Nigeria celebrity of the year. Stream & Download Hip Pop to get a taste of this pudding in the offing.

All Because Of You By Celine Dion 01

This is a love confession song, it explains the difference and changes that are happening in one’s life all because of the special person in your life. I now love to be wrapped in your arms, I can hear your heartbeats, my room has become a place I want to spend lot of time because of the precious moments I had there with you.


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