A New Day Has Come By Celine Dion 01

In the journey of life, there are so many chapters, each chapter comes with different challenges and wins because life is full of ups and downs, so we all hope and look out for a new day because it is believed that a new day comes with some new opportunities.

Flying Without Wings By Westlife 01

flying without wings’ by westlife is a song that put you on high with so much feeling and emotional rush, no wonder it is the band's third-most streamed song of all time,  even if you listen to it today you will doubt that this song was released in 1999.

I Have A Dream Westlife 01

I have a dream by westlife is one of their most relatable song that will be ever green because everyone at a point in their life definitely have a dream and have a purpose for which they are living that life for, don’t you have a dream? So what’s your dream?


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Difference In Me By Westlife

Who is that difference in you? Where your life was headed to before he/she walked in and turn things around? All of a sudden, I can stand against any storm of life, I wear a smile on my face no matter the situation, thongs working out so well the way I had prayed for, there is something different in me that I never use to feel, anyone and everyone around can see it, that you are the difference in me.

Too Hard To Say Goodbye By Westlife 01

Too hard to say goodbye’ is one of the most emotional songs to be released by westlife, ordinarily saying goodbye to our loved ones is always a touchy and difficult thing to do, the words and picture painted in this song is more touchy and can make you cry.


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