Safe 01

Everyone needs a safe place in their life, a place that no matter the wrong they have done, they will be accepted & forgiven. Despite you given up yourself, feeling so low and do not know how to stand, there is that persong who wants to pull you up again and to be sure that in their arms they are safe.

Beautiful Tonight By Westlife 01

Beautiful tonight by Westlife is a song of admiration, compliment & accolade to your spouse. Sometimes we get too close to the one we love that we take them for granted or we get so used to their beauty and we no more pay attention to how beautiful they are, well maybe they need that beautiful night with us once in a while so we can see a different side of their beauty. 

Beautiul tonight is a night where her smile take your breath away, a night she wore that elegant red dress that gives you a clearer view of her banging body shape just the way you have dream of it, oh you even wonder if you are in the dreamland & you don't want to be woken up, of course you dont want to recover from what you are seeing, the night where you wipe off the makeup on her face with so much deep kisses, a night full of smiles and joyful tears that you can’t hold back because you are living in some moments you have always dream of, a night you have waited for all your life, what a beautiful night. 

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Closer By Westlife 01

What draws you closer to someone? Most times, when there is a vibe between two people, and chemistry keeps growing, but cautiously, one of them will set boundaries in his/her mind with the hope of avoiding ‘see finish’ or getting hurt easily, because the heart want what it wants, you keep falling deeper in love and getting closer.

Last Mile Of The Way By Westlife 01

Last mile of the way by Westlife expresses how much you long to be with the one you love, how much i want you with me at the dawn of every new day & as the ground starts to shake. Definitely i might have hurt you in time past and in my deed but it is not intentional, i want you to please forgive me & bring again our moments of togetherness. 

Successful Melody Uweh Ft Ettyluv

Michael Uweh a.k.a Melody Uweh is an Akwaibom born and brought up artist who is into Afropop as a musical genre. He gets his inspiration from past experiences he has had to face at one time or the other in his life. His favourite artist is Drake and he is very good with the piano🎹. Melody just released a new tune to us titled "Successful" and he featured Ettyluv on this one. Download & be Inspired.

I Will Reach You By Westlife 01

There is that one person who we love so much but left us for some reasons and we wish they didn’t leave, while you go around with a broken heart, you keep asking if they had to leave you. This person is so much a part of that when darkness fell, it was him/her that brought light into in your life, you miss them so much because your day was never complete without a word from them, it still feels like a dream to you, still believing that they will come back and you keep looking out for them, saying to yourself “I will reach you”, no matter what it takes I'LL REACH YOU.


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