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Life by London Boy Ft. Starkid

After the release of *Zamo Zamo* (cover) and *Falling* which got everyone asking for more from **London Boy*.

He decided to go to 042 and do a Collabo with *Starkid* (a fast rising rap artiste) on this one he titles "Life" produced by *Olumix* and mix & mastered by *PopG*.

He promises that this one is a big hit.. You can follow them up on Instagram: @iamlondon_boy and @starkiidnorbert

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Date 2018-07-19
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Child Abuse

Derek -Child Abuse

At 12, Derek already knows what it means to be a responsible Nigerian citizen. He drops this track Child Abuse which is his first music video.

Little Derek, a hip hop artist who is currently signed to Solo Mount Entertainment is a Nigerian, and hails from Sagbama L. G. A of Bayelsa State. Derek Braye Boss known by his stage name 'De Wonder Kid' is a singer, rapper, songwriter and instrumentalist.

Derek has already become a popular Nigerian singer and a household name before this track. His first hit was in November 2017, when the kid performed and trilled his audience with his lyrical prowess at the AY live concert In Port Harcourt.

Later that same year, Naija FM comedy and Jam Night which plays host to the 'Creme De LA Creme' of the entertainment industry were thrilled also to Derek's outstanding performance. Derek is a young lad that understands and feels the pains of the abused children around the world.

With this song, he speaks for the abused ones. This classic song cries out for Justice on behalf of the abused children in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world. There have been alarming rates of all forms of child abuse, ranging from child molestation, child trafficking, children hawkers and so on but the question is what are people doing to right the wrongs in child abuse.

The truth is no matter people's different opinions on this matter, child abuse remains a wrong act and an inhumane treatment to the young generation and something needs to be done fast before we move from catching them young to killing them young.

At times through the act of rape of the innocent girl child, their destiny is mared, they lose focus and self intimidation creeps in. Some children never recover from the shock. Derek wants us to give our leaders of tomorrow a voice, he wants us to create enabling environment for their dreams to be realized after all every successful adult was once a naive child.

Derek cited a girl named Ejiro to drive home his message. From the first scene, a guy looking like a bouncer who promised her parents to take care of her and help her in her studies just left Ejiro's room after abusing her. Derek who happened to be Ejiro's friend came to visit and on entry he meets the harmful man. Just as soon as the guy left, Derek goes in to meet Ejiro and lo! another round of abuse has taken place, she has been raped again.

Ejiro tried to explain to her mum her ordeal but she found it hard to believe her story, she pay no attention to what she said. She probably thought she was telling lies to her or probably she blamed Ejiro for the act. Ejiro left her home. She left her mother and fled to where she thought she could find peace, away for that beast that always took advantage of her innocence and weakness.

She could not bear the pain anymore. Out there on the street, she roamed without care and love and no one to understand her. As times goes on Ejiro was seen smoking. Her life came to a halt. Her life came to a stand still, her dreams of becoming a career woman, all dashed. She became nuisance to the society all because of Child Abuse. Child Abuse literally means physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child.

Children should not be used as slaves. They should not be given goods to hawk on the street or anywhere at all. Children should be treated with Love and care. They should not be used as housemaids and denied quality education. Derek does not only say Stop child Abuse, he also said stop corruption, stop that violation, stop abortion. Parents should also learn to stand by their children If their children are victims of Child Abuse and they should also protect their children against it before it happens.

Government parastatals should also Play a role in combating child abuse. Just a word of advice, parents please give birth to children you can cater for so they don't end up becoming housemaids subjected to suffering. This track Child Abuse I believe speaks the mind of all children round the world and I hope it goes across to speak for them.

Date 2018-07-17
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The video was engaging. Children were filmed smiling as if their voice have actually been heard. I find nothing wrong with this song or the music video. It's perfect.

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banky w made for you

Banky W has released a soul soothing tune titled Made For You. This track was produced by master Kraft. It's a song for that special person in Banky W's life, speaking of Adesua Etomi.

As we already know Banky W is known for his proficiency in romantic songs. The self acclaimed Mr Capable does R&B and soul genres of music. This track is a song for the season. It is a classy song. It could remind one of his first love and make one fall in love again. We can't just get enough of this song.

It would be unforgettable. The song is beautiful and very delightful. Mr Capable sings this song from his heart with much love for his heart beat, no other than Adesua Etomi. This song gives me goose pimples. It is great indeed. Empire Mates CEO, Banky W whose real name is Olubankole Wellington is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and mentor.

His other names are Mr Capable, Mr W, King of the Lagos party. He is married to Adesua Etomi. He possesses strong vocals with which he produces sweet melody. Banky W sings this song to his heart beat, Adesua. At the beginning Adesua felt the relationship between she and Banky were going nowhere.

She opted for them to discuss it but to no avail as Banky seemed not to be interested. However, he knows deep down that he loves her and she is all he wanted. He is made for her and she is made for him. She slept and woke up to a pleasant surprise.

Banky W begins to profess his love for her as if they just met and she smiles like that is what she had been expecting to hear him say. Banky tells her she is the air that he breathes. He tells Her she completes him. In a pre-hook, Banky further says that just like the stars were meant to light the sky, like the sun was made to shine and like the moon was made to light the night, like the sky is blue so is she to him. Such words are not just for people that mean nothing to him.

They are strong words that only the precious to him deserves. Banky has made it clear since he found Adesua that She is the only one he wants today and forever. She alone can complete him. Banky W has also proven that by getting married to Adesua.

Though Banky W does this song for his heartbeat Adesua, any other man should do the same when he finds a woman that completes him. Don't worry if you don't know how to sing well, you can write it down. With this song, we have seen how beautiful love can be.

How real love can be with the right person. With such display of love from this video, today, in our society the rates of in and out of relationship will be minimized. Banky also made us to understand that no one is perfect but love hides the imperfections.

No relationship is perfect, and without ups and downs, good and bad times but love can help to scale through it. We see excitement from Adesua and we also see in her eyes and her smile that she reciprocates Banky's love for her as she accepts to be his forever at the end of the video.

Date 2018-07-18
File Size 19.65 MB
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The music and visuals were perfect. Nothing was found wanting. The scenes were beautiful, the lyrics were loveable. No extra act just the two lovebirds. This is a song for all seasons. Here you have it as it is Made for You. Enjoy!

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MC Galaxy Fine Girl

Fine Girl by Mc Galaxy

It's Finally Here! Mc Galaxy releases the official video for his long anticipated video of the sound track Fine Girl. Its impressive when artiste do not just sing because they can sing but because they have something meaningful to sing about. Mc Galaxy just gave us a fine tune, a beautiful song. His community of fans are glad to have it.

This song is for all the fine girls out there. Dont worry even if they say you are not fine but you know you are fine, the song is for you. Celebrating women, celebrating the beauty of women, is all about this song. It had an array of beauties, a display of queens, representing fine girls out there, from Big Brother Naija beauties and every other successful fine girls.

Bam-bam, Regina Daniels, Teddy A, and Ify Enada were spotted in the video. This song I believe does not only celebrate beautiful girls but it also celebrates beautiful mothers that gave birth to fine girls. That is an underlying revelation. Mc Galaxy, the Seem master has this colourful and attractive way of presenting his music. This one was directed by Mex Films.

The melodious banger by Mc Galaxy should be among the playlist of every fine girl out there who feels beautiful. Every girl is fine though. Mc Galaxy is such a good dancer. Haba! He danced more than the girls sef.

The video has the girls showing off their beauties as they hear sweet and adorable words of admiration from the singer. No matter the ethnic group and no matter the religion, women are beautiful, strong and special. They should be celebrated. This is another underpinning of the song 'fine girl'.

The Okokobioko crooner loves to have a good time and spend his money on fine girls. He calls them his Odoyewu. Mc Galaxy is proud of his culture as he flaunts his language in this song. This music is vibrant and energetic. The video presentation was all that it should be. Nice concept. I love the fact that Mc Galaxy played out this song with Nigerian girls.

Some people will just go and carry oyibo girls and full everywhere. Innocent Udeme Udofot known by his stage name Mc Galaxy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and a good Dancer. He rose to fame after winning Davido Dance competition In 2012. Mc Galaxy does what he calls 'African popular music). From 2014 till presently, He has been a bright side of the Nigeria music Industry.

He is signed to MCG Entertainment. The Akwaibom State born music star has done collabos with incredible artist like Davido, Inyanya, Shizzi, T spize, Swizz beats amongst others. The costumes for the ladies in the video is spectacular and distinct, that of the males too .It is colourful. Beautiful colours were displayed and also a bit of African style was seen. A bit of comedy at the end. It was interesting.

For lovers of good music and those that appreciate fine girls and would do anything for them, this comes through to you.

Date 2018-07-16
File Size 11.64 MB
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Brite Benson -Kungfu love

Brite Benson is a musical artist whose genre of music is pop. He has done songs like 'Slay Mama (2017), Ose mama (2016) and has been involved in collaborations with fine artists like CDQ (one way). Brite Benson who is signed to Laylow Entertainment is out again with this hit Song (Kunfu Love). Brite Benson whose birthname is Oluwafemi Benson Giwa is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actor.

He is a versatile and prospective artist in the entertainment industry. His Style of music is unique and rare. Brite Benson also does Afro beat Hip Hop music without stress. He is a fast rising music icon. Konfu is a hit jam in Shaku Shaku dance style. He expresses his Kungfu love for his babe. He says he must fight kungfu for her to be his baby. He will even fight Takwando and Karate for her to be his and none other.

Based on this, I think some scenes were misplaced. This Jam is trending on air and in the streets. It was produced by Obinna and directed by HD Genesis. Kung-fu love was launched after the successful launch of his previous track One Way ft. CDQ The video opens with Brite Benson's babe on fleek.

She sits on a sports bike with the full assurance that She has a man that would fight for her all the way. Another scene shows the kungfu master and his crush in a shopping complex and on entry, Brite Benson attempted being familiar with another girl and funny enough she was not alone as her man was at a corner taking calls.

The guy notices Brite Benson's attraction to his girl and reacted immediately in anger chasing Brite Benson and his girlfriend out. Here, notice that Benson is not the only one protective over his baby, every guy does that. This is a message to guys out there to protect their Own because some girls eyes sharp for where fine babes dey lol. However, Brite Benson says he can fight Kungfu for his girl's love if she would make him the man.

He says 'If I be the man I go buy anything for you. This goes a long way to say that no man will fight and do anything for a girl he does not trust and no man would want to die for a girl that would not reciprocate his love, not even Brite Benson is ready to do that.

So ladies when you find a man that is ready to fight kungfu for you, please stick with him. Brite Benson is seen professing his love and making beautiful promises of assurance through his lyrics to his girl and she smiles in belief. However that assurance and promises is on the condition that She must love him also. Kungfu love's video as directed by Obinna to me, is of a high standard. Moreover, the message has been passed to his audience. The beat was OK, it's a unique style of beat, quite danceable. The picture quality is bright and clear. Already kung-fu love is making the rounds in the Nigerian market. So if you do not already have this beautiful tune, its here for you.

Date 2018-07-16
File Size 22.42 MB
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Shotiye by Jayden Ikins Ft. Reminisce

Here comes a new tune from Jayden Ikins ft. Reminisce titled Shotiye.. It was produced by Antras Classic. This track is just there. It is a smashingly mad jam. Jayden Ikins is signed to Sir Kuti Entertainment, an imprint of that opens the video.

The Alaga Ibile himself brought on his energetic vibes and too much sauce to deliver the song, one hundred percent. It was really greased up with spice with no other person but Reminisce. Shotiye is a jam that must not be left out of anyone's playlist.

Shotiye is a renowned sound with high stakes of excellence. Shotiye (do you understand?) is coming from a versatile style musician. This song is composed of very meaningful and organized lyrics and was well presented.

Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru known as Reminisce and Alaga Ibile is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and Rapper from Ogun State. He performs in his native language which is Yoruba. Reminisce does a blend of Hip Hop, rap and Afro beat. He has been active in the music Industry since 2008 till date.

Reminisce mean to indulge in enjoyable reconciliation of past events, and the first four letters are a shortened form of his first name Remilekun. Jayden Ikins is a Nigerian household name, a musical icon amongst today's youth, and a recognised artist. 'This na street inspiration and they all wanna listen 'we are the player, we are climbing'. The singer brags about himself and his doings.

He says shey you understand, he is glowing, 'them don make headlines'. He brags about his achievements, Mehn! The guys get levels. He'd be cruising through the city. He is fine, looking pretty and of course na ladies would form lines to meet him. Jayden Ikins says he is something special.

Jayden says he is on a mission to work on his vision. Everyone would want to listen to this accurate jam. The video quality is standard. Proper scenes, lights and cameras in right positions accompanied with real vibes. Jayden doesn't talk about his achievements alone, he also involves his pals.

These guys are all the way up, they party and party. Notice that Jayden Ikins uses the pronoun We in most of his verses. That means he celebrates others and himself too. It's no surprise when these successful and notable artists sing of their fame and success story.

The truth is, it is not an easy journey in the music Industry. It's One thing to be in music and it's another thing to remain in music despite the high rate of competition. Jayden Ikins realises that he is not too big, but he is something special. That is humility to me.

However, he says he is flying and he is not crashing. Music is a game and he is not playing around with it. He takes music seriously. Well, the beat, I particularly like, it sounds foreign. Jayden displays his good dress sense in this video as a true champion, and so did Reminisce.

Every other thing about the song and music video is cool. Listen and be thrilled by good music

Date 2018-07-16
File Size 17.89 MB
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IMG 20180713 WA00113

Kashope ft 9ice with Onakidi.

Good tune from Kashope ft. 9ice. This one Is titled Onakidi. Onakidi is about soliciting for God's help and grace to succeed in life's endeavours. The artiste had this heart desire converted melodiously. He says he keeps trying and keeps praying for God to bless him.

Virtually any ambitious and responsible person would want to be successful in his dreams and career. This song is also the prayers of every successful artiste out there. Onakidi the name of the track simply Means the road to our success shall not be blocked.

Onakidi is such an evergreen song. This music is done with Kashope Entertainment in conjunction with Coded Tunes Africa. These are the skilled hands behind this long awaited single. Lee Henry Okojie whose music name is Kashope has this tune perfectly done and presented. The conjunction between Kashope Entertainment and Coded Tunes Africa is because Kashope was trained by ID CABASA. This song video was produced by legendary ID CABASA and directed by Stanz.

Kashope does not only wish himself success but also wishes his fans all over the world, success too. He prays that their road to success shall not be blocked. Such tunes as this is needed in music business today. Something inspiring, something encouraging and positive.

This tune is inspiring. It speaks to all far and near to work harder and be hopeful to succeed in all their endeavors. 9ice also believes in delivering good music. His music he says inspires the youths and encourages young people to engage in legal endeavours and to also work hard.

No wonder he is featured in this song because he believes anyone that works hard, will reap soft. The lyrical content or perhaps the meaning of the song is relevant in today's world especially when people need motivation, inspirational quotes and encouragement to continue doing the right thing even if it seems not to be working out for them to continue to hustle and hope for the best from all their bustle.

Kashope has been in the industry for a while now and he is aware of the hussle and bustle that goes on there, he is only praying for breakthrough (we hope he comes back to say thank you after he gets his breakthrough). We sure look forward to more breakthrough tunes from Kashope.

We hope he continues to feed us with this hot streak form of music. Kashope is a mutitalented artist. We see here that he sings fluently in English and Yoruba languages. I feel comfortable to Call this song Yoruba Christian music. This lovely track is a danceable one with striking beat. Kashope provided a groovy feel on The track. He makes us to understand in this song that the road to the promised land, the right to the destination of success is challenging.

So hard work alone cannot see one through but very importantly a perfect blend of prayer can. God's intervention is very exclusive. Kashope says, show me the way, na so I see pray, show me my way, na so I see pray. Heart melting lyrics he got there. He further says 'what ever a man sows na him him go reap'. A word for the wise there.

Kashope also believes in destiny fulfillment. We hear him say 'who be the man wey fit stop the plan, no one can stop the sun from shinning or the rain from falling '.only God can. From the video, he walks in the midst of darkness, but he is guided with light to pass through.

According to him when God is involved, no one can stop anyone's destiny. Onakidi is a blend of Yoruba, English and pidgin English to give a perfect vibe. He says 'we know poverty is a tragedy, 'it brings insanity to our memories, 'are we really living or just surviving?

That Is deep!. The scenes from the video moves from slum to town. We hear a native drum from the background which hypes the melody of the song. Onakidi is a nice tune! God bless kashope, God bless his fans, God bless Nigeria.

Listen and enjoy this breakthrough track.

Date 2018-07-16
File Size 14.46 MB
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Falz ft sir dauda boogie video

Boogie by Falz

Falz teams up with Sir Dauda. They both delivered this song titled Boogie Falz and Sir Dauda just killed it. Can u plz call the po-po (lol). This song goes on to Bahd girls from Congo, Senegal, Togo and everywhere to dance to the sound of Boogie.

Falz and Sir Dauda wants sexy girls to Komole to the beat, they really want to see them dance. Falz part says he is polished (I agree). That is real like man wey just win lotto.He runs this thing (music I guess )and for That guys suffer polio (haters I guess).

Hahaha! Even before he shows his logo we supposed know him way. Him face show joor!. He has got that new flow. And to his haters, if u try to snap him and cast him, it turns to a Promo. If it is a show, you will catch him in Iroko. Now, he says Shayo must flow. However Falz says he does not smoke.

If u doubt, na you sabi. Again, progressively, Falz flatters his ladies. He tells them they look sweet, he wants to roll with them. I guess he wants to let them know he is in charge, so no need for shakara. He says 'Big boys toast you, you suppose to get ginger '.

Falz tells us he has got That deep stroke wey dey make the girls shiver. Falz is a proud nigga of course because of his money. Again he tells his haters: you just mad cuz my account is bigger, the numbers are really big like fat chicks round fingers', 'they claim they have cheese but they are not getting up to five zeros '(I no fit laugh)

Ah! Falz haters can't stand his shine, the boy (Abi na man) is Albino (too fresh), too much sauce and too much juice. Yeh! He says even YCee knows this (we go ask YCee). He says we should check his motor, he parked it near the condo (ok). He wants his babes to do as he does, no dey fear to follow, just boogie down. If you knock this night, e go clear tomorrow (lol).

Sir Dauda on the other hand says he came to dance, boogie,jiggi and jo. He wants to go to the dance floor with his babe. He loves fire dancers. Lol, Sir Dauda goes deeper than the sharks (if you know).He wants to rock his baby's body but hey! He wants her heart more. These guys has too much money and they say 'pick It up slow'. Sir Dauda takes the chorus also.

Nice lyrics just perfect to make the hit jam. Folarin Falana, a singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and TV presenter is very diversified and versatile. Falz the bad guy does Afropop, African Hip Hop, rap. He uses striking vocals to make rounds in the music Industry. He is his own boss at Bahd Guys Record.

Since 2009 till date, the Bahd guy is doing Nigerians proud. His hard work and consistency in music has earned it awards and recognition far and near like the Headies Awards (2016), City People Music Award (2015), Album of the year Award (2016) and more. Sir Dauda, Falz Boogie collaborator is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and performer.

He is a fast rising talented act. He considers himself a vessel of art and music and tends to inspire love and knowledge through his art. His Style of music is a blend of poetry, folk and rap fused with African sounds and rhythms. A style he describes as Jungle Funk. He makes a perfect collabo for this track.

This song and music video is a bomb, coherent vocals and synchronising ryhmes. It has all it takes to make rounds in the air and on the streets. Boogie down ! Jiggie! No!

Get yourself to listen to good music Enjoy!p>

Date 2018-07-16
File Size 21.99 MB
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waistSkales ft. Harmonize -Fire Waist.

Baseline Music Frontline Act, Skales has served it hot with this sizzling tune Fire waist. Skales spices us this hit with a Tanzanian Act Harmonize. Skales seems to be a handful of talent as he keeps being on the minds of his fans. Fire Waist is the 5th track compilation of his 17 Power packed tracked album "Mr Love" which has lots of collaborations around Africa. His collabo Harmonize is currently signed on to Diamond Platnumz owned WCB Wasafi Record.

This hit jam was produced by Chopstix. Raoul John Nyeng - Nyeng known by his stage name Skales is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and Rappe. From 2000 till present, he has been dishing off sweet tunes like 'Shake body' 'Mukulu', 'Keresimesi 'Komole', 'My baby', 'Take care of Me' and 'Denge Pose'. Skales is an articulated, skillful, creative and professional music personality.

He also has a good sense of timing and coordination, as displayed in this visuals. Fire Waist is a dancehall and party jam. It is time for the pretty girls with fire waist to roll out and dance to this alluring tune. Skales appreciates ladies with full waist, seems he is a fan of the first waist. He let's the fire waisted girl know he loves what she carries.

The beginning shows a little Comedy skit of the video shooting process, nice concept. Harmonize owned the song and delivered his verses perfectly. He truly harmonizes his sounds to create a sweet melody. The showbit of choreographic clips also added flavor to the music video. A little look into Harmonize occupation tells us that he is a singer, songwriter and dancer as evident in the music video he was featured in.

He also is an instrumentalist as he plays the guitar and piano coupled with his incredible vocals. He sings almost like Diamond Platnumz. The incredible dance moves by the fire waisted ladies was also catchy. The mode of dressing I think is perfect for the theme of the music. Skales and Harmonize kept it simple via their costumes. Coherent activities, accurate videography, clear pictures, accurate timing, captivating voices, catchy scenes all make up this music video.

Fire Waist is a masterpiece. A professional soundtrack. It's Best you have it downloaded, listened to and shared. 

Date 2018-07-14
File Size 20.37 MB
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Timaya -To You

To You is a beautiful song done by our own Timaya. Timaya has long become a household name far and near. There are many out there that look up to Timaya in the music Industry and he has always kept the stakes high. To You will be Timaya's second official song of the year and it was well received after his hittrack 'Ah Blem Blem.

Dem Mama Records C. E. O Timaya aka Papichulo had this tune produced by his long time collaborator and super producer, Young D. Timaya sure knows how to thrill his audience and he did it once again in this his hit track . Just like Ah Blem Blem we know this song will receive far and Wide applaud and might just peak on the charts. Dem mama best coroner drops this mad jam to say thank you to God for bringing him thus far. He gives it all To You (God). Enitimi Alfred Odom better known by his stage name Timaya is truly the king of hit music.

His consistency to good music has earned him numerous awards national and international. The Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa, Dem mama soldier, performs dancehall, reggae, reggae, Afro beat, soca simultaneously. From 2005 till date, it has been a tremendous journey in his music career amidst the challenges and his fans can attest to that because he keeps keeping up. 'To You' is danceable and a song of sober reflection. Timaya remembers when he started, how the journey has been and he says 'The truth be say no matter where I dey, nomatter who I be, no matter how I big, Oh God I give it to you '. He went on to mention the bad times in his journey of fame.

The rumours spread about him by rumour mongers. But right now, everyone wants to get close to him. To You (God) owns his fame. The totality of this video is off the hook, the white costume concept was great. It was. Clearly and accurately shot. Just slow and steady, nothing was much, nothing was less, just perfect. With such good tune, its not surprising that Timaya has managed to stay in an industry that is highly competitive.

The video opens with a throw back video of a very young talented Timaya singing and beatboxing with his recorder applauding his performance, showcasing what amazing talent he is and then he at the end says Watch out. It progresses to show a grown and successful Timaya Now living in ambience of plenty. Subsequently during the video, Timaya shows pictures from his concerts, music albums, fan love, stage performances and samples of scandals as he gives thanks to God for the journey so far. His hard work pays off. So there u have it delivered TO YOU.

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Date 2018-07-14
File Size 18.91 MB
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