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Genre : Hip hop

I'm lost inside
Lonely nights (hfffff)
Hoping that.. .(yeah).. I'll be fine ( it's been one hell of a ride )
As time passes  
You were the last piece of me (I just wanna let you know... I'm broken)
"it hurts"

(1st verse)
Have you ever loved somebody that you get out of your way
You always believe in moment you shared
You hold on even its for better or  worse
They take you for granted but willingly you dare to wait
Coz patience pays  that  is wat your parents said
But when it comes to love that's an aimless phrase
You tryina convince somebody that u care
You want the same in return but expectations always hurt you end up getting depressed... Am I going insane
Coz all I do is wake up just to go to bed again
I drown my sorrows in a bottle of whisky that's how I save my brains
from thinking about you but is this the way I wanna spend my days
I try to let you go but my feelings remain the same
Even if you're wrong I was ready to take the blame
I tolerated like i never felt the pain
Growing from day to day... Locking up the words I had to say..
Looking up to something that is hanging by breaking threads
Hopin you'll understand..., that everything I do I do it out o love
It's seems like my efforts are never good enough
emotions are ruling us
Shawty You too fast n I'm furious
I thought we had a future that is luminous...  now I'm truly curious... You don't want me anymore
Time heals but the clock is really ticking very slow
It's funny how I'm on the ground when you said ull always catch me when I fall
I gave u everything tell me why you kept cheatin
You got my faith leaking.... My head itching
Brains spinning in bad wishes
you broke my heart but I luv you with the left pieces
what the hell am I supposed to do
You wanna leave me for another dude
You don't have a clue wat it feels like to love somebody the way I love you

I'm lost inside
Lonely nights
Hopin that... I will be fine..(I'm broken)
As time passes
You were the last piece of me  (I'm broken)
It hurts to love you.. To love you 
It hurts to love you..  (I'm broken)
It hurts to love you.. To love you
It hurts to love you.. (I cry everyday as I try to forget) x2

I thought Heaven was right here with me
But I was deceived
Now I'm drowning in the lies that you made me believe (yeah)
But why (tell me why)
Is it so hard (so hard)
To let you go

(2nd verse)
I wish you all the best this world can give
Thoe the puzzle of my heart is incomplete
I find it hard to breathe
We meet to part n we part to meet.. You have a right to leave
But I'm emotionally paralyzed
Lost in my thoughts I am truamitized
Oh gal u got me thinking otherwise (how do I)
love you and then hate you at the same time
Did you have to pass the day with a fake smile
When your heart is crowded like a playground
I never knew being with you was coming with a deadline
Always thout the chemistry we had it for eterminity
You got me fantasizin bout a family.. Emmily
You started a war n left me alone on the battlefield...
I'm not a pessimist insecurities affectin me.
Another man is messing with my premises.
What are you telling me
Does he make you feel better?
you're full drama
You threw your self ryt inside the hands of Karma
Seeking for a man like me will take you more than Million years
Yet i gave you all my heart for free but you broke it and took it back in tears
You took it back pierced
You turned me to a loner now I'm stuck in my fears
Reminiscing all the times I juc see your face
With all these tears flooding up my pillowcase
My heart is a mess like hillbrow flates
Tell me is it even possible to limbo fate
Coz my eyes are equitorial they seem to never dry
I'm feeling suicidal but should I really die
And even if I do will u see me as ur second jesus
Or will you just forget me
I can feel the distance between us
Goodbye really tormenting
What a bad ending... I'm hurting

I'm lost inside
Lonely nights
Hopin that... I will be fine..(I'm broken)
As time passes
You were the last piece of me (I just wanna let you know... I'm broken)
"it hurts"

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