Habits You Should Drop In 2018

This is a new year and we all have or might have made some new year resolutions.

We all want to drop bad habits in order to have a splendid 2017. For those who haven’t made their own resolutions, below are some bad habits you should drop this year; Getting a new skincare product just because of advertising or just for the sake of trying something new, is a bad idea.

What we do not realize is that our skin is sensitive and can develop allergies on using such random products. Another mistake that most of us tend to make is to use different brands of cream every month assuming that our face will adjust. These habits ruin our appearances and lead to many skin issues and acne problems. Having too much of coffee, tea or aerated drinks are habits that tend to destroy appearances.

Normally these beverages tend to lessen the water levels in the body. There should be around 70% water in our body; anything lesser results in dehydration which in turn would cause health issues and deteriorating appearances.

Increased Alcohol Consumption:

Having a drink every once in a while will not have a major impact on your heart (especially if you consume wine, which has a series of health benefits), but if you consume alcohol regularly then you heart will suffer in the long run. In addition to the devastating effects alcohol is known to have on your liver, it can also harm your bones, affect your memory and it considerably increases the risk of heart disease along with the risk of hypertension.


Smoking is a silent killer, but even if we are all well-aware of the side effects of tobacco cigarettes, there still are tens of millions of smokers worldwide. As statistics reveal, smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of the deaths related to heart disease – not to mention that it is also a high risk factor for certain types of cancer like mouth, throat or lung cancer.

Sleeping face down:

If you sleep on your face first or on your stomach, you are likely to get premature wrinkles. It is because your facial skin undergoes alot of contortions due to the pressure the posture exerts. Using a moisturizer before going to bed can help you to some extent.

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