The Right Way to Fight Cancer

Cancer is not a disease and so, should not be treated.

Cancer is anti-life; it is more or less the accumulation of all anti-biological toxins that you have taken in your life time which are rampant in all scientifically processed foods; Sardines, Table Water, Corn Beef, Biscuits, Bread, Soft Drinks and so many other negative western values that we have imbibed as Africans over time (Drinking and Smoking).

The human body is a natural being and should be fed or nutrified with natural nutrition, anything short of that is tantamount to having a cancerous body depending on the makeup of your body. What I am saying is not hidden and even American scientists know it but they will never admit the truth for fear of losing their jobs. I have nothing to lose, but I have life to give in the letters of my piece. Let him who has ears, hear this today.

When you have a running nose or you are sweating, it is natural for us to try to get cool and fresh air but while doing that you may actually be preventing nature’s best doctor from doing its natural job of cleansing your body. The human body needs to sweat and a running nose is all part of the process of body detoxification. If you really want a cure for cancer, consult your body, it knows how to get rid of cancer cells. It only needs your assistance by means of providing your body with natural nutrition.

Do you have cancer?

Run away from the hospital right now, it is only a quick death that you will find in the hospital and the reason is not farfetched; you cannot use a rope to chase out a snake from your domain, use a cutlass or a stick. The drugs that will be administered are scientifically produced and as such are anti-life. The reason why malaria is so rampart these days is not because the body cannot fight it, but because we have denied the body the basic nutrients that it needs to fight all forms of diseases that attack the human body.

People now prefer eating Indomie Noodles to boiling rice and making a decent and life saving stew because it is quicker and easier to prepare and probably sweeter than rice. This is just an example of the changes that have occurred in recent times about our feeding habits and seriously nothing is being done about it.

We even consciously justify ourselves by saying boil with vegetables, tomato and sardines and you have a balanced diet, balanced diet my foot, cancerous balanced diet you mean? What’s healthy about dead fishes preserved in cans with lots of preservatives to prevent them from smelling, or you think fishes don’t get rotten? If you are down with cancer, you just might be lucky if you act fast and by acting fast I mean changing all there is about your mode of nutrition, it is time to survive on a diet of fruits and fresh water.

You can boil water coming out from your borehole, it is safer than table water which gets purified with chlorine. Come to think of it, we actually pay huge sums of money to get cancer (getting nutrition the wrong way) and yet, we can hardly find a doctor who can help us get rid of this devastating epidemic, not because there isn’t one but because we take our body for granted, remember, it is God’s temple.

I’ll rest my pen hear even when there is so much to say. If you need more clarifications, use the comment box, thank you.

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